FH Academic Community Conducts Health Screening

Health Screening at FH in the context of UB’s 61st Anniversary | photo: PSIK FH

Welcoming the 61st Anniversary with the tagline ‘Brawijaya Healthy and Dignified’, Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held activities in the form of free health checks or health screenings for all UB academics, including lecturers, staff and students.

The implementation of health screening activities is carried out in each faculty. The Faculty of Law will carry out this activity on 16-17 November 2023, located in Munir Ballroom, building B, FH UB.

Health Screening at FH UB | photo: PSIK FH

FH academic community welcomed this activity. This is proven by the enthusiasm of participants who take part in health screening activities. Abdulloh or Ubet, one of the participants from FH UB staff, was happy with this activity.

“I am very happy with this health screening, besides being able to enliven UB’s 61st anniversary, we can also find out about health problems that exist in our bodies and we are also given solutions to prevent them,” said Ubet.

The screening process begins with registration and checking medical history, then checking blood pressure measurements to assess cardiovascular health.

After that, blood sugar, cholesterol and uric acid are checked, then proceed to measuring body weight and assessing body mass index (BMI) by measuring body weight and height. BMI helps assess whether a person is within a healthy weight range.

The next stage is a foot examination to see whether the blood pressure flowing in both feet is normal or if there is a blockage. And the last one is a health consultation. Consultations are held with health professionals to discuss screening results, provide advice, and answer patient questions. This may include an explanation of the test results and recommendations for lifestyle changes or management of certain health conditions. (FH PR/ OKY/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)