CITOR, Motorcycle Wash Application by UB Students

Five students of Universitas Brawijaya created a motorcycle wash application called CITOR (Cuci Motor).

CITOR is a start-up application that is engaged in services that can connect service providers with motorcycle washing service users.

This innovation was made by Muhammad Wildan Wicaksono (FMIPA), Ahmad Fahrudin (FMIPA), Muhammad Iqbal Farizi (FMIPA), Nadya Nur Fadhila (FILKOM), and Nurul Istikhomah (FIA) under the guidance of Darjito S.Si., M.Sc.

Representing the team, Muhammad Wildan Wicaksono said CITOR was created because of the many complaints from potential customers about the long queues and the duration of washing motorbikes.

This has an impact on the decline in the turnover of the motorcycle washing service business in Malang City, East Java,” said Wildan.

Wildan added that CITOR has been integrated with Google Maps and electronic money.

“With this application, users no need longer to queue at the motorcycle wash location. Users can choose the desired location and can make reservations for the type of package and available time before using the motorbike wash service. Users are required to arrive at the motorcycle wash location according to the programmed reservation. If the user is late, the reservation will be canceled with a cashback guarantee in the form of points,” said one team member, Ahmad Fahrudin.

The CITOR application provides two motorbike wash service packages, including a regular motorbike wash package and snow motorbike wash package. Prospective consumers can choose a regular package with prices starting from Rp. 11,000 – 16,000 or snow wash package with prices starting from Rp. 13,000 – 18,000. This price adjusts to the cc size of the customer’s motorcycle.

“The CITOR application is very helpful to save time, especially for us students. With this application, there is no need to queue anymore and the price is very affordable with various conveniences,” said Aurora Neydhelyn as the user of CITOR application.

CITOR is currently collaborating with the motorcycle washing service in Malang City.

The CITOR application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

“Currently, CITOR is only available in Malang City and it will be developed throughout Indonesia in the future. With this application, it is hoped that it will attract consumers to always use motorbike washing services without worrying about waiting in long lines,” added Muhammad Wildan. [CTR/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]