Creating Device of Methane Suction in Cattle Pens, Fapet UB Students Win Gold Medal in Malaysia

Fapet UB Students Win Gold Medal, special award, dan grand award in the World Invention Competition and Exhibition (WICE) 2022

The student team of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) invents technological and robotic innovations, named “metadrone”. That is a drone designed to use the internet of things (IoT) system to suck methane gas in cattle pens. Through this work, they managed to get a gold medal, special award, and a grand award in the 2022 World Invention Competition and Exhibition (WICE).

Together with the supervisor Yuli Frita Nuningtyas, S.Pt., MP., M.Sc., the team consisted of M. Budiharto Puguh Hanung Wijaya as chairman, consisting of Sularso, Yasri Rahmawati, daughter Masfufah Aminuzzuhriyah, and Eka Putriwahyuningtyas.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, Cooperation, and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Animal Husbandry UB, Dr. Agus Susilo expressed his gratitude for the hard work of students who have made the name of the Faculty and the University proud. He will support and facilitate students who have works to be able to compete both on a national and international level.

WICE was held at SEGi University, Subang Jaya, Malaysia for five days, Monday-Friday (26-30/9/2022), where participants came from 25 countries. (dta/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)