Christelline Shared Her Excitement as  the Volunteer at the SMI Youth Exchange Program

Student who is majoring in Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Christelline Prilia Wijaya, is part of Semangat Muda Indonesia (SMI) Youth Challenge program.

Christelline becomes part of SMI Youth Exchange program which were taken place from 19 to 22 February 2024, in Fully Funded. This opportunity not only gave her valuable experience, but also broadened her global insight.

In a period of 4 days, Christelline explored Singapore and Malaysia by visiting various famous tourist attractions.

In addition, she also had the special opportunity to visit the Indonesian Schools Abroad (SILN) in both countries. Christelline also carried out a campus tour at the University of Malaya.

Both at SILN and University of Malaya, she was given the opportunity to discuss directly with representatives of the management there.

This program also allowed Christelline to share knowledge through teaching children from Indonesia in Malaysia.

“Together with 29 other delegates, I took part in teaching Indonesian elementary school age children at the Guidance Studio in Malaysia. They were divided into 3 groups based on ability and age. There are challenges faced, ranging from the Malay language used to their active nature which makes it difficult to keep quiet. To overcome this, my group designed interesting and fun learning media using games and giving prizes, in order to increase the children’s enthusiasm for learning,” she said.

Her involvement in the SMI Youth Exchange Chapter Singapore – Malaysia not only gave her an incredible travel experience, but also the opportunity to learn and grow personally.

Through this program, she met and got to know other inspiring individuals. She considers this experience as an achievement that will leave a lasting impression on her, and this will be a source of inspiration for other young Indonesians to take similar steps in developing themselves.

Semangat Muda Indonesia (SMI), a youth organization which dedicated to providing a place for young people who have the potential to develop themselves, both domestically and internationally. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).