Syafira’s Story : Participating in the Spring Festival While Cosplaying at the Hospital

Syafira Idhatun Nasyiah, Student of Professional Nurse Program in Japan

The proverb says: Seek Knowledge to China. However, this does not apply to Syafira Idhatun Nasyiah. For Syafira, the search for knowledge currently reaches Japan. Syafira is a professional nurse program student at the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences. For one year, she had the opportunity to take part in the Nurse Internship program at Izumigaoka Hospital, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Syafira was in Japan from October 2022 to August 2023. Adaptation is the first thing she has to do. “I encountered a lot of culture shock, starting from the fast-paced way of working for the majority of Japanese people, the habit of being on time, neat and clean. The environment there is very clean and there is rarely any trash. Japanese people are also very creative in utilizing used goods to be used in everyday life, such as folding advertising flyers into small trash bins,” she explained.

5 FIKES UB students at Izumigaoka Hospital, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

During her internship, Syafira and Bella Widya Areta, Fina Aliyatun Nada, Novrizqa Annisa Abripradani and Aisha Emira Widyani lived in an apartment with a very different atmosphere from Malang.

“Usually, there are lots of food stalls or grocery stores around the boarding house, but almost none around Apato. There are restaurants and minimarkets which are quite far away but can still be reached on foot. The weather in Japan is very much different from that in Indonesia. The first time you come to Japan, the temperature reaches 32’C in summer. During winter, the temperature is up to -3’C or even more,” said this 2017 Batch student.

“Even with Japanese language that is still minimal, the Japanese really appreciate our abilities. Besides that, Japanese people are very used to appreciating and thanking us for what we do even though they are more senior,” she added.

While in Japan, Syafira and her friends enjoyed many cultural activities, one of which was a festival. “In the hospital where I live, festivals are often held that patients and health workers here can participate in. Like during aki matsuri (spring festival), halloween party, Christmas party, etc. During festivals, it is usually filled with eating, karaoke, games while wearing cosplay costumes,” said Syafira.

Exploring the world of nursing abroad gave Syafira hope. “Being here gives me hope so that I can bring new lessons, which can be applied when I return to the world of nursing in Indonesia,” she concluded. (nice/VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans.Iir)