Nabila’s Story from IIUM : Nursing, Culture, and Mental Health Lecture in FIKES Inbound

Not only providing opportunities to experience studying abroad, the Faculty of Health Sciences also provides opportunities for international students to experience a different experience at Universitas Brawijaya, as experienced by Nabila binti Jamaludin, one of the participants from the International Islamic University Malaysia, who is a member of the International program Health & Culture Program

Nabila binti Jamaludin (4 from right), one of the FIKES Inbound participants

Nabila is one of inbound participants. She and 13 other students joined this program for 2 weeks. In addition to take part in lectures, Nabila, another participant, also experienced fieldwork in several locations, such as dr. Saiful Anwar, Janti Community Health Center and Community Mental Health Center in Bantur, Malang Regency.

“This activity is very fun and very effective for me. A lot of motivation and support was given to us, and made me want to continue to be part of FIKES,” he said.

Visit to Janti Health Center

This collaboration between the community and students, added Nabila, is also very good. “Thank you to Mr. Bagio who has really helped many people fight for their mental health in Bantur. This inspires us too to pay more attention to mental health. It’s not an easy road, but with the experience and practice that we do in Bantur, we are ready to bring this knowledge to the Happy Hospital soon, “she explained.

In addition, these participants also had the opportunity to learn Indonesian culture. “With the cultural differences between Malaysia and Indonesia, we learned how to communicate with the people there, and it was really fun. The community service activities are also interesting, because students can manage the course of the program without depending on lecturers, and collaboration with the community also runs smoothly,” she concluded.

The inbound participants consisted of 9 nursing students from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) and 5 nutrition students from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). These participants directly became active students of the Department of Nursing and Nutrition, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Not only theory and practice, the participants were also involved in the Integrated Coaching Post, observing and interacting with patients with mental disorders and taking part in psychiatric nursing care in Bantur work area, as well as cultural programs by visiting cultural sites in Malang Raya and closing the upgrading activities to Bromo . (akhiyan/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)