The Story of Vocational Student in IISMAeVo : Dream since Childhood to Go to England

Stepping foot in England is Lucy Fitria Rizky Nasution’s dream. Lucy is a student of the Business Administration Study Program, Vocational Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya. Currently, Lucy has the opportunity to study one semester at the University of Portsmouth, England through the IISMAeVO Program, a vocational student exchange.

England is Lucy’s dream land since childhood, which can only be seen through the television screen. “From here came my desire to get a scholarship to study abroad. My first choice was the University of Strathlyde, and finally the committee decided to put me here. And now, my dream has finally come true,” said Lucy.

The adaptation that Lucy did while in England was fairly heavy. “I have difficulty understanding the British accent when the lecturer explains. However, here is the challenge. I should be able to study twice as hard. And this feeling is what I’ve missed from myself since years ago, and, I got it back here”, he said via short message.

“The lecturers here prepare and explain the material in totality. Supported by qualified facilities and technology, a structured system, and the lecturers also try to make their students comfortable and understand the material presented,” he added.

Not only language adaptation, Lucy also had to adapt to the weather in England. “The first week, I had jet lag, the second week, I didn’t feel well because of the food factor, the weather was up to 6°-8°C. But finally I got used to it. If there is one thing I miss most about Indonesia, of course it is the food because the locals do not eat rice. The interesting thing is that the people here are not as individualistic as I thought. Sometimes they are even enthusiastic to say hello and get acquainted. But this is still England. People still uphold the principles of liberalism. And you do you”, explained this 2020 student.

During IISMA, she learned many lessons, such as how to better manage time and finances, socialize with local and international residents, how I as a Muslim must position myself in the midst of these differences, all of which opened my mind and broadened insights.

The thing that impressed Lucy the most was when she had to try to represent herself as a smart Indonesian Muslim woman. “I feel like studying in class, interacting with people from home and abroad, and of course traveling to places that I used to only be able to see in the living room while watching TV,” added this hijab wearing student.

“The target to get scholarships abroad before the age of 20 has finally been achieved. Thanks to Allah, myself and thanks to IISMA. It is not easy to get here, nor is difficult. The proof is, I’ve only tried dozens of times for this target, and God always knows. And it’s true, looking back, this is the right time,” he said. (nice/VQ/ Humas UB/ Tans. Iir)