The Story of FISIP Student; Meeting Politicians to Country Officials

Viona Angel Gloryka Sianturi

Viona Angel Gloryka Sianturi is a student at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences who had the opportunity to do an internship at the Presidential Staff Office. This opportunity began with his interest in working in a government environment, she also tried to take part in an internship program organized by the Presidential Staff Office, namely the Presidential Staff School.

The selection process that Viona went through was not easy. She had to compete with 69,568 participants, then only 35 participants were taken to attend the Presidential Staff College. “There are 2 stages of selection that must be followed. The first is file selection, by sending CV, organizational and academic achievements. At this stage, participants were also asked to write an essay on issues/problems in Indonesia. Then, the second is a direct interview by an expert from the Presidential Staff Office,” explained Viona.

Viona and 34 participants from the Presidential Staff College

While at KSP, she was placed in 2 deputies, namely D 2 and 5. At deputy 2, Viona was in charge of handling human development issues. ”I had the opportunity to hear directly the complaints of Indonesian migrant workers abroad, regarding their social and health security while working. Whereas in Deputy 5, which focuses on political, legal and security issues, I had the opportunity to criticize the flow of filing for witness and victim protection, which in my opinion was too bureaucratic and inefficient,” explained the student of International Relations study program.

Even though it only lasted 5 days, she got a lot of benefits. “Certainly, I got new and deeper knowledge about domestic issues, because as an International Relations student I learned more about international phenomena. I also learned about leadership. But for me, the most important thing is adding networks. Not only that, I was also able to meet several Indonesian politicians and officials, such as Mr. Moeldoko, Mr. Ngabalin, and Mr. Billy Mambrasar,” Viona added.

Not only that, Viona also had the opportunity to present the results of her discussion before the Head of KSP. “This is the most memorable activity while at KSP. When I presented the results of a group discussion regarding the BPJS Migrant policy in front of the Head of KSP, experts, and friends of the participants. At first, I spoke a little shaky because I was a little nervous. Maybe because my proposed idea was raised as a solution to our topic. But thank God, I’m really satisfied because our idea was very well received by the staff, in fact being the only group that received praise from KSP experts,” she concluded.