Stories of Graduate who Achieved ADik Scholarship and UB Youngest Graduate

drg, Fadillah Marzely and Fairuz Sarah Kamila, S.Si

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) student Fadillah Marzely who graduated on Saturday (26/08/2023) won the highest GPA in the Faculty of Dentistry, namely 3.88. This student who comes from Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province is a recipient of the Higher Education Affirmation Scholarship (ADik), namely a scholarship from the Ministry of Education and Culture for outstanding students from the Frontier, Remote, and Disadvantaged (3T) areas.

“This scholarship is very helpful, especially for the relatively high cost of education in Medicine. In addition, with this scholarship, the government indirectly encourages and motivates students to study in regions that do not have access to continue their education at Indonesia’s best campuses,” said Fadillah.

During her time as a student, this Wawotobi-born girl actively made achievements. There are Runner Up 1 of the 2018 Student Creativity Program (PKM) in the field of research, and the 1st Runner Up in the Literature Review 1st Dentistry of Hang Tuah Sciencetific Event at the national level in 2019.

Becoming a dentist has been his dream since childhood. Currently she is preparing herself to take part in an internship program in an area determined by the government. After that, Fadillah wanted to return to his hometown in Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province.

“In my hometown, dentists are still lacking. I hope to be able to contribute in my hometown, especially in the health sector. In the future I want to become a dentist who is useful and plays an active role in improving the dental and oral health status of the community, especially through the role of education,” he said.

On the same day, Fairuz Sarah Kamila from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was declared as the youngest graduate. He graduated at the age of 20, with a 3.58 GPA.

The girl who took part in the accelerated program at high school admitted that she graduated on time by maintaining her study motivation, maintaining GPA of more than three so she could take the maximum number of credits, starting research in the laboratory and her thesis in semester 6, and not forgetting to take care of her worship.

The student from Bangkalan, Madura, successfully graduated after defending her thesis entitled “Anticancer Effects of Ethanol Extract of Sembung Legi Leaves (Blumea balsamifera L.) on T47D Breast Cancer Cells in vitro”.

“The research I did was about exploring anticancer herbal plants by treating cancer cell cultures with herbal plants. I hope that in the future this research can become a reference in cancer treatment,” said Fairuz.

Fairuz said that the experience of doing research was the most memorable thing during college. “Even though it was tiring, I was able to improve my lab skills and get a lot of relationships and knowledge from lecturers and seniors,” said the second child of two siblings.

Currently Fairuz is doing research with lecturers, as well as continuing his Masters studies at UB. [Irene/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]