The Story of Two Students of Health Science in Malaysia: Learning to Deal with Patients

The Lecture of Hasnik and Khodijah in Malaysia

Last October 2022, two students from the Faculty of Health Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya had the opportunity to take part in the International Credit Transfer program. For one semester, Hasnikmatullah Suprabekty and Khodijah Salahuddin had the opportunity to attend lectures at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) until mid-February.

Being a foreign campus provides a new experience for Hasnik and Khodijah. “This student exchange activity was very fun and insightful, because I was able to adapt and get lots of new colleagues, along with great lecturers at IIUM Malaysia,” said Khodijah.

The adaptations made by both of them went well. “Initially, we needed to adapt because this was the first time to experience studying abroad. But now we can follow well the structured lecture system, as well as the way the lecturers give material to their students,” added Hasnik.

Besides lectures, the two students from the Department of Nursing also took part in various other activities such as studying at IIUM Hospital and having the opportunity to do several practicums. “The results are in the form of nursing care plans, patient management, diagnostic investigations, which are finally presented to the responsible lecturers. With this, we know what the patient’s real life situation is like, and are able to deal with patients directly with the atmosphere of a public hospital in Malaysia,” said Khodijah

Due to Malaysia’s environment which tends to be not much different from Indonesia, Hasnik and Khodijah can adapt well to the weather there. “I hope that after returning from this Student Exchange activity, I will be able to share experiences and motivate colleagues around me to dare to take challenges and participate in student exchange activities while still become a student,” concluded Hasnik. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]