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Vice Rector III Gives Feedback If the Internet Quota is Received

SIARAN PERS 4 Maret 2021 Nomor 18/III/2021   Vice Rector III for Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim, M.Sc., said that if the student internet quota assistance is received for this semester, it would be great because this is what students expect so far. “I think this will be great, because it also becomes a […]

Caterpillar Biscuit from Fapet Wins Silver Medal at AISEEF

SIARAN PERS 3 Maret 2021 Nomor 17/III/2021 Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2014 recorded that 24.5% of children in the world are stunted. Indonesia is the country with the fifth largest stunting prevalence with a prevalence of 36% (7,547 number of stunting children) in 2019. Responding to these conditions, a number of […]

POTY, IoT-Based Vegetable Cultivation Achieves Gold in International Competition

SIARAN PERS 25 Februari 2021 Nomor 16/II/2021 Four students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won Gold Medals in the Asean Innovative Science Environmental, and Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) 2021 through POTY. POTY is an IoT (Internet of Thing) based hydroponic vegetable cultivation system that produces quality organic vegetable products. The method of POTY includes nutrient content, adding […]

UB Receives the Largest Fund from the Ministry of Research and Technology for 71 Research Titles

SIARAN PERS 24 Februari 2021 Nomor 15/II/2021   Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is the university that achieves the largest funding for research from the Ministry of Research and Technology or National Agency for Research and Technology (BRIN). The funds amounting to Rp. 11.98 billion, for the Category of National Competitive Research and Decentralization. The National Competitive […]

UB Berada di Posisi 5 Versi Webometrics

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. SIARAN PERS 24 Februari 2021 Nomor 14/II/2021   Universitas Brawijaya (UB) berada di posisi 5 perguruan tinggi Indonesia versi Webometrics. Diatas UB ada Universitas Indonesia (peringkat pertama), UGM (peringkat kedua), IPB (peringkat ke tiga), dan ITS (peringkat ke empat). Menurut Sekretaris Pusat Pemeringkatan LP3MUB, Adharul Mutaqin, pemeringkatan […]

UB Position in the 4ICU Ranking on January 2021 Edition

SIARAN PERS 24 Februari 2021 Nomor 13/II/2021   Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is in the 666th position among world universities in the ranking conducted by Uni Rank or 4ICU January 2021 edition. Meanwhile, for the ranking of universities in Indonesia, Universitas Brawijaya is in the sixth rank. The Secretary of LP3M UB Ranking Center, Adharul Muttaqin, […]

UB Students Empower Tumpang Community through Vegetable Flour Program

SIARAN PERS 24 Februari 2021 Nomor 12/II/2021   As a form of community service, Universitas Brawijaya students carry out a Community-Building Collaboration Field Work Lecture (KKN) which is held in several village points in Malang Raya area. One of them is KKN Collaboration to Build Village Group 7 which conducts its activities in Pandanajeng Village, […]

Permata Merdeka Ease UB Students to Take Course in other Campus

SIARAN PERS 18 Februari 2021 Nomor 11/II/2021 number of students began registering to join Permata Merdeka program. In UB itself, there are 231 students registered to study at State Higher Education (PTN). Meanwhile 235 students outside UB register to take part in lectures in a number of UB study programs for one semester (Inbound students). […]

Fakultas Teknik Kukuhkan Dua Profesor Sekaligus

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. SIARAN PERS 17 Februari 2021 Nomor 10B/II/2021   Universitas Brawijaya di tahun awal tahun 2021 ini kembali mengukuhkan dua guru besar yakni Dr. Eng. Anindito Purnowidodo, S.T., M.Eng  dan Ir. Djarot B. Darmadi, MT., PhD. Keduanya berasal dari jurusan Teknik Mesin Fakultas Teknik. Pengukuhan akan berlangsung dengan […]

UB Research : COVID-19 Retards Remittances of Migrant Workers from Malang

PRESS RELEASE February 3rd, 2021 10A/II/2021 The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down remittances to Malang area or the origin of the migrant workers, due to the delay in providing salaries for a number of workers, so they cannot send money to their families in Indonesia. Researchers from Universitas Brawijaya (UB), namely Faishal Aminuddin, […]

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