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Pikukuh Karuhun as a Determinant of Consumption Sustainability in the Outer Baduy Community

Five students from the Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya (UB), namely Mohamad Maulidan, Ayuni Kusumawati, Nur Aisyah Aminy, Rosita Nadha Febriany, and Sofika Rahmadani, have succeeded in researching the economic circulation patterns of the Outer Baduy community based on Pikukuh Karuhun. This research activity is part of the Social Humanities Research Student Creativity Program (PKM-RSH) […]

PKM RSH : FIA UB Students Launch Innovation of Boardgame Based Metacognitive Learning Model

Malang City has recorded brilliant achievements in the field of financial literacy. According to the latest data released by Malang City Government in 2022, the financial literacy level in this city reached 69.43%. This figure is much higher than the national average of only 49.68%. Moreover, the financial inclusion sector also experienced a significant increase […]

Spicy Inflation : People’s Willingness to Consume Chili Derivative Product as a National Inflation Mitigation Strategy

The issue of national inflation is a case that is quite disturbing to the nation’s economy. Inflation is an important indicator for analyzing a country’s economy and has a major impact on the mobilization of funds through official financial institutions. The influence of inflation on various macroeconomic policy objectives such as economic growth, employment, income […]

Exploring the Scavenger Village to Find out Psychological Capital and Parenting Patterns as Hidden Factors Causing Stunting

Stunting is an urgent issue in Indonesian society. This growth and development disorder in children has the potential to have negative impacts, both short and long term. The government has emphasized addressing the problem of stunting in the 2020-2024 RPJMN (Development Plan and Government Work Plan), focusing efforts on addressing various causal factors, such as […]

The Existence of Tengger Tribe Community in the Middle of KSPN Bromo Tengger Semeru Development Program

Tengger tribe is a group of tribes living around Mount Bromo area. Administratively, Tengger tribe is spread across four different areas including Malang Regency, Probolinggo Regency, Pasuruan Regency, and Lumajang Regency which are divided and separated by Mount Bromo as its axis. There are not many Tengger tribes in four different districts, they have culture […]

The Influence of Twitter Social Media on the Childfree Phenomenon

Students from the Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University who are members of PKM Team – Social Humanities Research have conducted interesting research on the influence of Twitter social media on the childfree trend in the millennial generation. This research reveals interesting facts about childfree preferences among the public. In the research entitled “Childfree by Choice […]

T-Vest, Vest for Muscles and Bone Disorder Therapy Created by UB Students

Five Brawijaya University (UB) students created an innovative vest with a heat and light therapy system for muscle and bone disorders sufferers called the T-Vest. This vest can be used to treat muscle and bone problems for people at risk of developing these disorders, such as workers. The five UB students are Hazel Geraldy Martinus […]

Portable Microscope for Automatic Microalgae Identification, Created by UB Students

In the latest developments in the world of environmental technology, the Creative Initiative Scheme (PKM-KC) Student Creativity Program team from Brawijaya University (UB) has presented a microalgae detection tool. This tool uses Deep Learning Mask CNN (Convolutional Neural Networks) technology to automatically identify and calculate microalgae concentrations with a high level of accuracy. The PKM […]

Approaching Superior Agriculture: Spectroscopy-Based Portable Soil Fertility Detection Device

The Brawijaya University (UB) Student Creativity Program (PKM) team developed a “Spectroscopy-Based Portable Soil Fertility Detection Device”. The team is students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology (FTP) consisting of Atikah Puti Kaisuri, Setiyaki Aruma Nandi, Fathan Tara, Keiza Alfera Hummairo Assyura, and Fransiskus Rio Pandi. They developed this device under the guidance of lecturer […]

The Influence of Influencer and Product Review on TikTok Live towards Goods Purchase Intention

The Social Humanities Research of Student Creativity Program Team (PKM-RSH) from the Faculty of Economics and Business, Brawijaya University, consisting of I Nyoman Dwitya Adhyatma Nugraha, Anggelina Amelia Vega, Izzah Nabila, Rizqi Catur Risnandi, and Haidar Marsya Habibi under the guidance of Dr. Syaiful Iqbal, Ak, CA, CPMA, conducted research with the title GO VIRAL […]

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