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Second Stage of Tracking: UB Plants Tree in Purwodadi Botanical Garden and Gives Donation

The second day of UB’s (UB) tracking begins with activities in Purwodadi Botanical Garden. The second stage takes the route from Purwodadi Botanical Garden Start to Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Finish. On this occasion, compensation was also given to the Online Ojek Women Personnel. Symbolically, the assistance was given by the Vice Rector IV (WR IV) […]

The Head Office becomes Badminton Champion in Lustrum XII UB Anniversary

In 2022, Universitas Brawijaya held a badminton competition throughout the University of Brawijaya. The tournament is held on 7 and 8 December 2022, at the Achievement Hall of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya. The chairman of LUSTRUM XII – 60 TH DIES, Ruger Fadhilhalim, SE, MM, who is also a lecturer at the […]

One Decade, Reyog Brawijaya Produces Five IPRs

As an educational institution, Universitas Brawijaya does not only prioritize academic abilities, but also develops talent interests, especially in the field of regional arts. One of the achievements achieved by UB in this field is the success of getting 5 Intellectual Property Rights, in this case it was won by the Musical and Dance Activity […]

ABG Successfully Held Golf Tournament

As many as 138 golfers and sports fans filled the arena for the 13th ABG Charity Golf Tournament, which was initiated by Alumni of Universitas Brawijaya Golf (ABG), Saturday (17/12/2022) at Pondok Indah Golf Jakarta. The golf tournament that competes for the Rector’s Cup is in the context of the 60th Anniversary or Lustrum XII […]

The Head Office Wins Over FILKOM in Plastic Football Tournament of the 51st KORPRI Anniversary

Management of KORPRI UNIVERSITAS BRAWIJAYA held a plastic football tournament to commemorate the 51st anniversary of KORPRI UB. The tournament will be held again in 2022 and have experienced a vacuum in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. In 2022 it will be held again while still implementing health protocols. The plastic football tournament […]

Fine Art Festival

Fine Art Festival: Check Out the Creativity of the SPFA FCS UB

    Study Programme of Fine Arts (SPFA), Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held an annual event art festival event after being delayed for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event entitled “Fine Art Festival” was held for eight days from Saturday (11/5/2022) to Saturday (11/12/2022). The works displayed were […]

Tari Beskalan Malang

FCS UB Presents Various Traditional Cultural Performances at its 13th Anniversary

In November 5th, 2022, a series of activities for the 13th Anniversary of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was officially opened by holding four international seminars. The hybrid event took place in the UBTV hall, UB’s Rectorate Building, with the concept of Indonesian culture for the stage decorations, and all participants […]

FCS UB Appreciates Artists and Writers through Sabda Budaya Award

Sabda Budaya Award 2022 was held again by the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). In this fourth year of its event, Sabda Budaya Award was given as an appreciation to artists and writers from East Java. “This year’s theme follows the 13th Anniversary of FCS UB’s theme which is the birth of […]

The Domination of Central Java in the 16th PEKSIMINAS

The 16th national level student art competition has been held. Located at Universitas Brawijaya, the National Student Art Week is filled with achievements, talents and hard work of participants, facilitators and committee. For two full days, various talents competed for the top title. In this event, Central Java BPSMI won 11 titles in almost all […]

Sengit! Tangkai Lomba Seriosa Diikuti 37 Peserta

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Salah satu tangkai lomba dalam ajang Pekan Seni Mahasiswa Nasional ke-16 adalah Seriosa. Kompetisi tangkai ini diselenggarakan pada Rabu (26/10/2022), satu hari setelah technical meeting diadakan di Gedung Samanta Krida. Bertindak sebagai dewan juri yaitu Binu Dalip Sukaman, Bapak Pharel Jonathan Silaban dan Bapak Bagus Syafrieza Paradhika. […]

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