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UB Students Make Analog Rice from Edamame and Seaweed

Five UB students; Eunike Cecilia (FK), Shinta Kirana (FK), Muhammad Naufal Rizqi Alfani (FK), Diyah Ayu Puspitasari (FK), and Arvin Wahyu Nor Imam (FTP) made analog rice made from edamame soybeans and seaweed as an alternative solution of healthier carbohydrates source for people with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus or T2DM which is called Ruamerice. The […]

UB Students Provide Training on the Processing of Tofu Dregs for Family Welfare Program in Sendang Village

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited people’s activities, especially in finding income. One example is the Family Welfare Program (PKK) of Sendang Village, Kediri, East Java, which has a dual role to provide for the needs of the family. Efforts that can be made to increase income are by empowering PKK women in Sendang village in […]

HELIOS, an Eco- Friendly PPE with Cooling System

The COVID-19 pandemic is increasingly causing problems in various sectors, from the health to the environment sector. Based on data from the Minister of Environment and Forestry, per July 27, 2021, the pandemic has caused an addition of 18,460 tons of medical waste. The increase in the amount of plastic waste from the medical sector […]

TAGIGOTA, Yogurt made from Black Glutinous Rice Extract for Immune Booster

Five students led by Rifaldi Fadilah (Fapet) and his four colleagues, Muhammad Alfan Nurdin (Fapet), Dimas Teguh Prasetiyo (Fapet), Umi Lailasari (Fapet) and Renaldy Afif Atho’ulloh (Vocational) made Goat’s Milk Yogurt from Black Glutinous Rice Extract (Orza sativa L indica) and tuna fish bones. The yogurt made is useful for preventing obesity and increasing immunity […]

UB Students Invent a Rehabilitation Robot Design for Post-Stroke Patients

Stroke incidence in Indonesia has the second highest mortality rate in Southeast Asia, reaching 193.3 deaths out of 100,000 cases and has a DALYs (Disability Adjusted Life Years) number of 3.38 years. (Venketasubramanian et al., 2017). The condition of post-stroke patients is often accompanied by the occurrence of weakening of the muscles on some sides […]

PETBIODEGREE, an Innovation Tool for PET Plastic Waste Degradation

Plastic waste is quite crucial problem for humans, especially Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) waste which is generally found in the form of single-use drinking bottles. The increasing amount of plastic waste causes problems for the environment. Plastic waste takes up to 80 years to decompose that causing serious problems. Based on these problems, five students of […]

PELITA, Offers Solutions to the Vegetable Waste Problem in Batu

Batu City, located in the highlands makes it famous as the Cold City. Most of the soil types are Andosols, contain lots of minerals, making them fertile and a producer of fruits and vegetables in East Java, even nationally. Administratively, the city is divided into three sub-districts and a total of 19 villages and 5 […]

Mahasiswa UB Tingkatkan Produktivitas Lobster dengan SIMTASTER

UB Students Increase Lobster Productivity with SIMTASTER

Indonesia is a maritime country that has great potential, one of the commodities with great potential is lobster. If managed properly, one lobster can reach two million per head. With this price, Indonesia has the potential to become the largest exporter in the world. Unfortunately, based on data from the BPS 2020, the amount of […]

UB Students Empower the Community of Tawangsari Village, Pujon through Batik

A number of students from Universitas Brawijaya (UB) who are members of the Village Empowerment Development Program (P3D) help the community of Tawangsari Village, Pujon through batik to create new livelihoods and create an environmentally cultured society. The team leader, Herlin Sri Wahyuni ​​explained that Tawangsari Village, Pujon was chosen as the location for community […]

Natural Gas Processing Efficiency by Chemical Engineering Students

The dehydration process is one of the important processes in the industrial world, especially natural gas. This process is used to reduce the water content contained in natural gas. Excess water content can have a bad impact on the piping because it can cause corrosion (rust) and the formation of hydrates that can clog the […]

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