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UB Students Made “Biodiesel from Home” Based on Automatic System

Universitas Brawijaya students made biodiesel with an automatic system called Biodiesel From Home. Biodiesel From Home made by Kamajaya (Vocational), Shofiq (Vocational), Erika (Vocational), Ayu (Chemistry), and Yossi (Vocational), is a home appliance designed to convert used cooking oil into biodiesel through a transesterification process. The transesterification process is the process of reacting vegetable and […]

HERBI Feed, High Nutritious Pellet for Rabbit from Beef Rumen

Three students of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB), namely Arlieza Rizki, Ery Vio Verawati and Rozaan Rofie’ Iskani under the guidance of Dr. Ir. Kuswati, MS., IPM., ASEAN Eng made a rabbit pellet feed product made from rumen waste. The high price of feed in the market is due to the […]

Plester to Treat Thrush Made from Morel Berry Leaves

Patients who experience thrush will feel very painful when touched while swallowing, talking, and eating. Treatment of thrush is done by eliminating local factors using antiseptic mouthwash and topical corticosteroids. However, long-term use of the drug causes tooth discoloration. Corticosteroid drugs can change the condition of the normal flora in the oral cavity so that […]

3D Slit Lamp Camera for Post Trabeculectomy Patients

Glaucoma is a cause of irreversible or permanent blindness characterized by irreparable damage to retinal ganglion cells. A common surgical treatment for glaucoma called a trabeculectomy involves removing the trabecular part of the eye to create a new channel under the sclera, so that aqueous humor can be reabsorbed into the body to lower intraocular […]

Beeya, a Sunscreen Made from Purslane Plant by FTP Students

Indonesia is geographically located on the equator, where the sun shines throughout the year. Based on data from OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) 2004–2013, the UV index in Indonesia is at a very high to extreme level with a range 9-14, especially at 10:00 to 16:00, which is the strongest sunlight shining. Based on the literature […]

UB Students Introduce Eco-Sociopreneurship Concept to Children

Five students of the Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Brawijaya (FP UB) introduced the concept of Eco-sociopreneurship to children at Putri Aisyah Orphanage Malang through Potty Dolls. This activity aims to foster a spirit of concern for the environment from an early age. Qonita (FP), Ni Wayan Atik Sarmila Dewi (FP), Aisya Rahma (FP), Dely Dahlia […]

UB Students Research the Effect of Gardening towards Mental Health

Five students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB), namely Hayatin Sapitri (FP), Anton Meilus Putra (FP), Ninda Rahayuningtyas (FP), Andika Riyan Saputra (FISIP) and Alya Jauza Rahmayanti (FISIP) under the guidance of Rachman Hartono, SP., MP conducted research to determine the potential for reducing stress levels and improving the mental health of the people of Malang City […]

FH UB Held PK2MABA by Bringing the Theme “intelligère”

Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) held an online Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PK2MABA) for two Saturdays (21/8,-22/8/2021). Then followed by KRIDA Student activities for 4 days. The event was opened by singing the anthem Indonesia Raya guided by Justicia Choir as a Semi-Autonomous Institute (LSO) which is engaged in voice […]

CITOR, Motorcycle Wash Application by UB Students

Five students of Universitas Brawijaya created a motorcycle wash application called CITOR (Cuci Motor). CITOR is a start-up application that is engaged in services that can connect service providers with motorcycle washing service users. This innovation was made by Muhammad Wildan Wicaksono (FMIPA), Ahmad Fahrudin (FMIPA), Muhammad Iqbal Farizi (FMIPA), Nadya Nur Fadhila (FILKOM), and […]

UB Students Create Mall Design According to COVID-19 Health Protocols

Students of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT UB), Renaldi Susilo, Richard Putra Sunaryo, Bunga Pasadena Ineru, Aigan Mubiena Fanda, and Muhammad Hafizh Ramadhan conducted research on the layout and facilities of a modern shopping center that adapts to new habits. This study aims to produce a spatial model and modern […]

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