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UB Students Made Material for Sanitary Pads from Gelatin Waste

Five students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FPIK UB) made an absorbent core of sanitary pads from gelatin waste to prevent cervical cancer due to hazardous sanitary pads. The five students are Galuh Zhafirah Gafnie, Riska Sulistianti Putri, Rafifa Bunga Jashinta, Nur Amalani Saputri, and Abdul Gafur who are under […]

UB Student’s Trinity Program to Reduce Domestic Violence in Malang City

Students of the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) create a Trinity program to reduce the high number of domestic violence cases which places Malang Raya as the highest in East Java. Ditto Nathaniel with Yulianto Adi Perdana, Jordhy Rizaldo, Randy Rafi Faizal and Muhammad Zihad Sulthan formed a team and created a program […]

Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia Ubah Limbah Rambut Manusia Jadi Penyerap Logam

Chemical Engineering Students Turn Human Hair Waste Into Metal Absorbers

A study found that 82% of Indonesians, especially those who consume refilled drinking water, still consume unhealthy water. This is because the spring water used for refill drinking water was found to be contaminated with one of the dangerous organic chemical elements, chromium (VI). Hexavalent chromium is toxic and has a bad impact on health, […]

Kursi Wol Domba Beraroma Peppermint Minimalkan Dampak Pembelajaran Daring

Peppermint Scented Sheep Wool Chair Minimizes Impact of Online Learning and WFH

The Covid-19 pandemic requires people to stay at home a lot, both learning and working are done online, or often known as WFH (Work From Home). This causes people to be less mobile and active outside so that it can trigger boredom, anxiety, stress, and fear. In addition, the impact given is aches in the […]

Teknik Kimia UB Tawarkan Solusi Pengolahan Limbah Cair Industri Batik

Chemical Engineering UB Offers Solution to Liquid Waste Treatment for the Batik Industry

Batik is one of the Indonesian cultures which is included in the clothing product. Batik in its production process produces several turbid liquid wastes containing synthetic materials that are difficult to dissolve and decompose. The liquid waste contains organic compounds that are harmful to the environment if not treated first. These compounds include BOD (Biochemical […]

Chiaffee, a Healthy Drink Made from Chia Seed and Coffee Bean

Four students of the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB), Yeni Merlina Puspita Sari, Titis Fitriani, Vanya Fajriana, and Putu Adnanta Jaya under the guidance of Amelia Ayu Paramitha, S.H., M.H. create a product for health that contains high antioxidants which is useful in preventing free radicals that cause chronic disease. The product is […]

Patch for Gingivitis from Blood Clam Shell and Rambutan Rind

Three students of the Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Brawijaya (FKG UB), namely Aniendaghista Alifia, Rahma Syamila Hanif, and Maheswari Nestivia Safitri, are guided by drg. Trining Widodorini, M.Kes utilizes the waste of blood clam shells (Anadara granosa) and rambutan rind (Nephelium lappaceum L) as new innovations in the treatment of gingivitis or gum inflammation. According […]

PAVERA, Hydrogel Plaster from Aloe Vera Extract

Four students from the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA), Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Ramtikainda Suryani, Dede Ana , Putri Shidatul Khoriyah, and Andri Saputra made hydrogel plaster from Aloe Vera called PAVERA or Aloe Vera Plaster. The product innovation, named Pavera, is a hydrogel-based plaster containing aloe vera extract. Aloe vera […]

UB Students Initiate ‘Kampung Dolanan’ in Rampal Celaket Village

A total of five students of the Faculty of Law Universitas Brawijaya (FH UB) who are members of the Student Creativity Program- Community Service team (PKM PM) consisting of Ahmad Ghiffari, Josua Silaen, Indah Alvionita, Lelly Rosa Sidabutar, Luna Dezeana Ticoalu made the program ‘Kampung Dolanan’ (traditional playing village) to preserve the local culture of […]

UB Students Introduce the POC Making from Rose Waste

The team of UB Student Creativity Program- Community Service conducts Counseling and Training on Making POC (Liquid Organic Fertilizer) from Rose Waste for PKK Women in Gunungsari Village, Bumiaji District, Batu City. Gunungsari village is known as one of the villages producing cut roses which have various types. Altitude and good temperature in this area […]

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