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UB Graduates, Duwik and Elo: Disability is not an Obstacle to Achieve Dreams

From the 763 Brawijaya University (UB) graduates who graduated on Saturday (20/01/2024) at the Samantha Krida Building, there were two graduates with disabilities, namely Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom and Elo Kusuma Alfred Mandeville, S.Tr.Ds. To Prasetya Online, they shared their experiences while studying at UB. Duwi Purnama Sidik, S.Kom: Active in organizations, and currently pursuing […]

Pemukulan Gong Oleh Wapres RI

The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Launches UB Halal Metric

Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH. Ma’ruf Amin launched UB Halal Metric, at the Samantha Krida Building, Friday (19/1/2024). UB Halal is an instrument used to comprehensively measure the implementation of halal ecosystem concept in the tertiary, industrial and government sectors. Chair of the 2024 UB Halal Summit Organizing Committee, Ir. L Tri […]

Rektor mengenakan syal berlambang Palestina di wisuda periode 8

UB Solidarity For Palestine at the 8th  Period of Graduation

There is something different in the graduation procession this period. During the inauguration procession of 791 graduation participants for the 8th period of the 2023/2024 academic year, the Rector and Chair of the Academic Senate of Brawijaya University were seen wearing scarves bearing the Palestinian flag. According to Widodo, the use of this scarf is […]

Foto Dr. Fachrizal Afandi Saat Menerima Penghargaan dari Jaksa Agung Republik Indonesia ST. Burhanudin

Chairman of PERSADA Achieves the 2024 R Soeprapto Award From the Indonesian Attorney General Office

Head of the Criminal Justice System Research Center, Brawijaya University, Dr. Fachrizal Afandi received the 2024 R. Soeprapto Award from the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia ST. Burhanudin, Thursday, (11/1/2024). In addition to Fachrizal, there are four other people, namely the Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Minister of PAN RB) […]

Socialize Vote Transfer, Three UB Students Create Digital Pocket Book

General elections, or abbreviated as pemilu, are one of the political activities that are routinely held in Indonesia every five years. But unfortunately, as the election period approaches like today, not everyone understands how important it is to exercise their voting rights as citizens. The high number of abstentions in society is also a problem […]

The 61st UB Anniversary Raises the Theme Healthy and Dignified

Brawijaya University (UB) held an open senate meeting to commemorate its 61st Anniversary, Friday (5/1/2024). The activity which was carried out at the Samantha Krida Building had the theme “Healthy and Dignified”. Chief organizer of the Anniversary, Prof. Dian Handayani, SKM, M.Kes, Ph.D said that the healthy theme raised means that you don’t have to […]

Marathon Run to Trace Raden Wijaya Back

Brawijaya University (UB) conducted a marathon running activity on Thursday (4/1/2024). Marathon Run to Trace Raden Wijaya was carried out in the framework of the 61st UB Anniversary Commemoration. Marathon run was attended by 27 runners consisting of lecturers, employees, students and UB alumni. The start was carried out from the Great Pavilion of Raden […]

Covering 1000 KM Distance, FK Alumni Cycling Team was Symbolically Departed by the Dean

  Covering a distance of 1000 km, the Alumni Cycling Team of the Faculty of Medicine, Brawijaya University (FK UB) was symbolically departed by the Dean, Dr. Dr. Wisnu Barlianto, M.Si.Med, SpA(K) on Friday (29/12/23). This activity was carried out in the 9th Floor of Leadership Meeting Room, Joint Education Building (GPB) FKUB. Dr. Sadi […]

Penggalangan Dana UB-Palestine Solidarity Program (foto : Bastian)

UB Solidarity Declaration for Palestine

Brawijaya University carried out Brawijaya University – Palestine Solidarity Program Declaration at the Samantha Krida Building, Tuesday (19/12/2023). The activity was carried out at the end of the Launching of the Professor’s Thought Book and Book Review of Oligarch Law which was held by the UB Professor Council. “This is a joint commitment from Brawijaya […]

Penyerahan simbolis Buku Karya Profesor UB kepada Wakil Rektor bidang Keuangan dan Sumber Daya

Book Launching and Review by UB Professor

The Brawijaya University Professor Council, Tuesday (19/12/2023), held the Launching of the Book of Professors’ Thoughts and Book Review of Oligarch Law at Samantha Krida. These books are the work of UB professors from various scientific fields who collaborate on one big theme. “InshaAllah, we will launch books by professors at UB every Anniversary. “Meanwhile, […]

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