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Salifa, an Ammonia Filter to Prevent the Spread of Disease in the Henhouse

Chicken farm is a promising business in Indonesia since chicken meat consumption in Indonesia which continuously to increase annually. But when viewed from health aspect, farm business produces ammonia waste form chicken feces which able to pollute the environment. Ammonia is a chemical compound in form of gas with a typical strong-odor. Ammonia is a […]

Coaching of Achiever Students at Faculty of Agriculture

The sub division Head of studentship of Faculty of Agriculture University of Brawijaya (FP UB) held a coaching of student affairs and student activities institution to meet the LKM (Lembaga Kedaulatan Mahasiswa/Sovereignty Institution Students) and achiever students for two days (34-24/5/2016). “Brawijaya and studentship division have a mean how UB students obtain achievements either national […]

Faculty of Animal Husbandry Students Grab 3 International Awards

Students of Faculty of Animal Husbandry University of Brawijaya (Fapet UB) grab three awards in the category of Agriculture at event named 27th Asian Young Inventors Exhibition (AYIE) 2016. They are Gusti Ayu Putu M (2014), Moh. Ihwan Julianto (2013), Zaenal Abidin (2013) and Bagus Ardiani (2013). Through the event which convened in three days […]

Faculty of Forestry UGM Learns Together with FP UB

“As a big institution, Gadjah Mada University and University of Brawijaya perform incredible dedication into the country, so in the task framework, we can share and increase welfare of the country and the state,” open the Vice Dean on Academic and Student Affairs of Faculty of Forestry UGM (FKt UGM), Dr. Sigit Sunarta, S.Hut., MP […]

Hoca Honey Cream to Increase Economic Value of Honey

Honey is a result of honey bee which has lots of benefits for health. Indonesia has potency as honey producer because of the many sources of nectar. But honey quality in Indonesia is relatively low since its high water content. This regard cause Indonesian honey is not able yet to be exported since its quality […]

Dissertation of Bonaventura Handoko Daeng: The Effect of Mast Cells towards Mood Changes

Mood is a persistent and pervasive feeling to be perceived internally, which is influence one’s behaviour and perception toward his/her surroundings. If one’s mood condition is interrupting him/herself, and/or his/her surroundings, it is so-called as mood disorders. There are three factors of mood disorders, including biological factor, genetic factor and psycho-social factor. Mood disorder prevalence […]

Nuffic Neso Indonesia Invites UB Students to Pursue Study to the Netherlands

Nuffic Neso Indonesia is a non-profit organization which is officially appointed and funded by the government of the Netherlands to become its higher education representative in Indonesia. Neso (Netherlands Education Support Office) Indonesia tasked to give information about the Netherlands Higher Education for Indonesian community, to facilitate and to help its higher education in conducting […]

KIP RI Gelar Stadium Generale dan Klinik Keterbukaan Informasi di UB

“Mahasiswa bisa menjadi agen of change dari keterbukaan informasi yang akan meneruskan serta mengawal seluruh keterbukaan informasi di negara ini. Mahasiswalah yang akan membawa keterbukaan informasi menjadi mainstream, bukan lagi menjadi suatu perintah undang-undang yang harus dilakukan. Sehingga kedepan keterbukaan informasi bisa menjadi nilai-nilai budaya yang sudah menyatu didalam masyarakat Indonesia.” Demikian disampaikan oleh Henny […]

Anilac, a Business to Provide research Tools and Materials

Started with looking at their partners who have difficulties in dividing times between college and having research, Radityo Dewo B.S., Naya Adi D., Hyang Iman A.S, Endah Muspita E., and Nuryantri Puspitasari started Anilac Business. Anilac (Animal Laboratory Care) is a business on providing tools and ingredients of experimental-animal treatment which based on PPDS (Post-Ordering […]

Total Flex, A Natural Dye Extraction Machine by UB Students

Food dye is an additive to be added to improve food or beverage colour. According to BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food Control) data year of 2012, almost 90% of food industries in Indonesia use a synthetic dye. Whereas, the dangers of using it repeatedly and over a long period can cause allergic reactions, […]

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