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Pet Feeder, a Smart Device for Pet Owner

For pet owners whose activities are heavy and must often leave home in a long time, certainly often feel worried with their pet condition that left behind. The three students of Computer Engineering Study Program at Faculty of Computer Science University of Brawijaya (Filkom UB) created a smart device named Pet Feeder or abbreviated as […]

Informal Indonesian Workers be in the Spotlight

During the time, Indonesian workers (Tenaga Kerja Indonesia/TKI) are frequently spotlight problems since they are more highlight the informal sector. The sector indeed becomes attention and the country intends changes in accordance with Jokowi Presidential cabinet work direction. Although in terms of foreign exchange acceptance much more obtained from formal sector placement. “Until this March, […]

Accountability of Insurance Companies in Hero Samudra’s Dissertation

The entirely legislations related with insurance companies’ accountability in managing funds of the insured and also life insurance companies’ operational need to be analyzed and criticized so that all rules can run optimally. This is underlying dissertation of Hero Samudra, a student of doctorate in law program by lifting the title “Accountability of Life Insurance […]

Human Resource Development and Diversity Management to Deal with Global Era Competition

Data released by Central Bureau of Statistics performed that in 2016, Indonesian population who enters the work force (aged 20-59 years old) are around 132,359,200. Of the number, 53.6% among them are included in new generation category of Y generation/gen Y. Gen Y or also called as Millennial Generation, Echo Boomers, New Boomers, Global Generations […]

Boosting Its Quality, STEM Akamigas Hand-in-hand with UB

Akamigas Energy and Mineral High School (STEM Akamigas) was Established cooperation with University of Brawijaya. Partnership signing conducted between University of Brawijaya’s Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. M. Bisri, MS and Head of STEM Akamigas Prof. Dr. RY Perry Burhan at University of Brawijaya’s main office 7th floor, Friday (15/Apr/2016). Perry Burhan mentioned that objectives to […]

Biodegradation and Bioremediation as Detergent Waste Problems Solutions

Detergent is a cleaning agent that used in large by communities for washing appliances of household, hospital and industry. The cleanser could reduce the surface tension and transport objects that attached in an ingredient or device. Detergent raw materials in form of organic compounds as surface active agents in a liquid medium is called surfactants. […]

Increasing Starch and Cellulose Value-added by Enzymatic Process

Various agricultural product innovations by processing technology either physically, chemically or biochemically will able to improve its value-added, thus providing maximum profit for Indonesia which commonly known of its large biodiversity. Yunianta presented this in his speech inauguration as Professor in the field of food chemistry and biochemistry at Faculty of Agricultural Technology University of […]

Faculty of Animal Husbandry Establishes Cooperation with FPP UIN Suska

Faculty of Animal Husbandry University of Brawijaya established a partnership in the field of college’s tri dharma with Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Syarif Kasim State Islamic University of Riau (FPP UIN Suska). The partnership aimed to improve and fostering relationships between the two parties in the implementation of college’s tri dharma. The Memorandum […]

Poultry Business Potential in Indonesia

The amount of poultry meat consumption (particularly chicken) in Indonesia is still low when compared to other Asian countries, otherwise the number of Indonesian population is booming. This regard makes poultry business potential in Indonesia is wide-open. Thus as said by Deputy General Manager of PT. Sinar Sarana Sentosa Ir. Jarot Rustanto H.P in the […]

Electronic Archive Management is the Government’s Obligation

Malang City Office of Regional Archive and Library organized technical guidance on archive management on Wednesday (10/Feb/2016) at Trio 2 Hotel of Malang City. The event organized due to the significance of archive and its management particularly electronic archive is still underestimated. The event that opened directly by General Administration Assistant of Malang city government […]

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