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Reelozind, Screening of Indonesia-Australia Film Festival

Viewed from geographical side, Indonesia and Australia can be mentioned as close neighbour. In spite of many Indonesians and Australians still do not know each other. In the presence of ReelOzInd!, an Australia-Indonesian short film festival and competition is expected that both countries can share each other in the areas of interest and talent as […]

UNS’ Sociology Learn Big Data Research from FISIP’s Integrated Laboratory

Sociology Department Sebelas Maret University learned Big Data research application to integrated laboratory at Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University. In a visit represented by 15 people, Monday (02/Oct/2017) at Faculty of Social and Political Science Brawijaya University, Sociology Department Sebelas Maret University intended to learn about integrated laboratory owned by Faculty of […]

Brawijaya University Hospital Handover the Director Position

Brawijaya University Hospital (Rumah Sakit Universitas Brawijaya/RS UB) held a handover on director position from Prof. Dr. dr. Djanggan Sargowo, Sp. PD., Sp. JP(K) to Dr. dr. Aswoco Andyk Asmoro, Sp.An. Handover of the position was conducted on Monday (02/Oct/2017) in Cenderawasih Room Brawijaya University Hospital’s 3rd floor. In his address, Prof. Djanggan mentioned since […]

Vice Dean I of Faculty of Animal Husbandry Gets the Title of Professor

Surat Keputusan Menteri Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi Republik Indonesia Nomor 1235/A2.3/KP/2017 decides Dr. Lilik Eka Radiati in her functional lecturer position as a Professor on Microbiology of Livestock Products. The decision was counted starts from 1 March 2017. To validate the title, Brawijaya University rector held a professor inauguration for Porf. Lilik Eka Radiati […]

Brawijaya University Will Hold the Ceremony of Kesaktian Pancasila Day 2017

Brawijaya University will hold a ceremony for Kesaktian Pancasila, Monday (02/Oct/2017) in its main office square. The ceremony that will be attended by all Brawijaya University ‘s academic community will be started at 07:30 a.m. Even though, participants are expected to attend no later than 15 minutes before the ceremony begun. After the ceremony finished, […]

This Brawijaya University’s Oldest Graduate Still Wants to Go to College Again

Prof. Dr. Dr. dr. Moch. Istiadjid Edi Santoso, SpS,SpBS, M.Hum became the oldest graduate (71 years old) among others. But his enthusiasm in learning can be pitted against Brawijaya University students who were graduated on Saturday (30/Sept/2017). This matter was proven from the numbers of titles he earned. There are around nine titles he earns […]

UB Akan Berlakukan Rekayasa Lalu Lintas Awal Oktober

Universitas Brawijaya kembali memberlakukan rekayasa lalu lintas. Hal ini sesuai dengan Surat Edaran Rektor Nomor 8976/UN 10/PS/2017. Sesuai dengan surat edaran tersebut rekayasa lalu lintas di lingkungan UB secara efektif akan berlaku sejak tanggal 2 Oktober 2017. Rekayasa Lalu lintas yang diberlakukan oleh UB adalah sebagai berikut pertama jalur sepanjang  pos 1 di jalan Veteran sampai dengan […]

Humpuss Learns How to Rearing Goats to Faculty of Animal Husbandry

President Director PT. Humpuss Drs. Eko Sunarko, Ak., MM along with Investment Analysis Division Rizky Dayusman, M.Ag and its company partner Ir. Judi Sugiyanto, MM, MBA visited Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University, Monday (25/Sept/2017). The visit was in order to learn how to rearing goats properly and efficient. Since, company that engaged in big […]

Brawijaya University Adds Two Professors in Law and Stock Husbandry

Brawijaya University returned to inaugurate two professors namely in Science of Labor Law and Manpower, as well as in the field of livestock, Wednesday (27/Sept/2017). They were Prof. Abdul Rachmad Budiono and Prof. Lilik Eka Radiati.   Prof. Abdul Rachmad Budiono is the 136th professor in Brawijaya University and the 14th in Faculty of Law. Meanwhile […]

PSIK Meeting to Discuss Clarity on Duties and Functions as Well as Relations between Working Units

Delegates of PSIK (Perencanaan, Sistem Informasi, Kerjasama dan Kehumasan/Planning, Information System, Partnership and Public Relations) in Brawijaya University on Thursday (20/Sept/2017) gathered in Banquet Room of Rectorate building. They attended a coordination meeting initiated by Sub Division of Archives and Public Relations. The event is an effort of the new Sub-Division Head of Archives and […]

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