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Smart B-Cline, Milkfish Squama Battery by Brawijaya University Students

Seek to provide solutions on energy crisis as the main problem of the world, three-students of Brawijaya University create renewable energy sources in form of battery made from milkfish squama named Smart B-Cline. The three are Mohammad Khaufillah (Information System/2016), Aizzatur Rohmah (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science) and Intan Wahyu Cahyani (Faculty of Medicine/2015). […]

Want to Advance Human Resources, Mentawai Island Hand in Hand with Brawijaya University

Mentawai Island Regency with 75 % in the form of sea territory has the second best waves worldwide after Hawaii. The largest potency for regional development there is by improving tourism sector. However, development process in the sector is not maximal yet as not supported by qualified human resources. This regard delivered by Regent of […]

MTQMN XV Areas: In TQ participants are Mandatory to Read 1st up to 30th Juzz

Tilawatil Qur’an is an area in reading Qur’an competition in mujawwad reading, namely Qur’an reading which follows tajwid rules, art song and voice, also reading with adab tilawah. In this area, participants consisted of individuals male and female. In current competition, Maqra’ (the verses read) from 1st up to 30th juzz. In preliminary round, participants […]

January 2018 Brawijaya University Starts to Implement ISO 9001:2015

Began in January 2018 Brawijaya University will have a transition from implementation of ISO 9001:2008 towards ISO 9001:2015. This regard delivered by LP3M’s secretary Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., PhD after a closing ceremony in Surveillance Visit of ISO 9001:2008, Thursday (08/Jun/2017). Two assessors who attended in the event were Ihsan Maskuri and Catur Priyanto. Different […]

Brawijaya University is Ready to Accept Students with Non-Academic Achievements

Brawijaya University will receive prospective students from the track of Non-academic based National Selection for State University Entrance. This regard delivered by Vice Rector III on Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Arief Prajitno, MS, Wednesday (07/Jun/2017). The selection, according to Arief, will be conducted in closed ways. “Brawijaya University strives to be consistent, as there […]

Futsal, Gathering Moment for International Students in Malang

Sport activities such as Futsal becomes gathering momentum for international students in Malang. More special, the activity organized by international students from five universities in Malang and Surabaya in Ramadhan month. They come from various countries like Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and also Indonesia who currently studying in Brawijaya University, Muhammadiyah University, State University of […]

Brawijaya University Students Join in ISWI in Germany

Four students of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of Brawijaya University departed to Germany to join in ISWI (International Student Week in Ilmenau) event series at Technische Universitaet Ilmenau for ten days (12-21/05/2017). In the event, there were around 2,000 students worldwide registered. After going through the […]

Mahasiswa UB Sulap Limbah Ikan Layang Jadi Pupuk Alga Bernilai Ekonomis

Limbah cair seperti yang kita ketahui apabila dibuang secara langsung dapat mencemari lingkungan. Hal ini berlaku pula untuk limbah cair pengolahan ikan layang.   Berdasarkan Ditjen Perikanan Tangkap yang dilatsir pada tahun 2007 ikan layang (Decapterus sp.) merupakan jenis ikan laut, yang memiliki produksi perikanan tangkap pada tahun 2006 paling tinggi yakni 52% dari seluruh […]

Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education Opens a Teacher Professional Education Program

Kemenristekdikti (Kementerian Riset Teknologi dan Pendidikan Tinggi/Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education) via LPTK (Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan/Educational Institutions for Educators) held a Program Pendidikan Profesi Guru (PPG/Teacher Professional Education Program). The program is an implementation of Instruksi Presiden Republik Indonesia Nomor 9 Tahun 2016 tentang Revitalisasi Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan in order to fulfill […]

LRQA Surveillance Assessor Team will Visit Brawijaya University Units

LRQA Assessor team, start on Monday until Thursday (05-08/06/2017), will have an ISO 9001:2008 surveillance visit to several units in Brawijaya University. The units are including LP3M (Lembaga Pengembangan Pendidikan dan Penjaminan Mutu/Education Development and Quality Assurance Institution), LSIH (Laboratorium Sentral Ilmu Hayati/Central Laboratory of Life Sciences), SPI (Satuan Pengendali Internal/Internal Control Unit), BAK (Biro […]

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