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Establishing Cooperation, Universiti Putra Malaysia Visit Faculty of Agriculture

In order to establish partnership between Brawijaya University and Universiti Putra Malaysia, Monday (06/Nov/2017) around 14 agricultural students and a supervisor from the well-known Malaysian university named Prof. Dr. Pakhriazad bin Hassan Zaki, visited Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University. The UPM entourage was received by Brawijaya University Rector Prof. Dr. Ir.  M. Bisri, MS and […]

Industrial Intelligent 2017

Industrial Intelligence or abbreviated as Intel is one of Industrial Events (Invent) series which is the largest annual event regularly organized by the Industrial Engineering Student Association (HMTI). Intel is a product design competition aimed at high school students. At the beginning of this event in 2014, Intel is a competition targetting East Java only. […]

Keep the Price Stability of the Onion, Faculty of Administrative Science Propose the Establishment of Special Coordinating Agency

Faculty of Administrative Science Brawijaya University propose the establishment of a special agency under the government to prevent the wholesalers’ opportunistic behaviour which controls the supply chain of onion thus causing the price to rise. “The Agency is going to work with the assistance of the latest information technology, and so preventing such opportunistic behavior,” […]

French Study Program Attains Many Awards In 9th Imaspi National Conference 2017

The National Conference is one of IMASPI’s (Indonesian Student Association of French Studies) annual programs. The National Conference 2017 was held at Universitas Indonesia (UI) since 2 to 6 October 2017. Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) as one of the members of IMASPI always plays a role in it. In 2017, FCS-UB […]

The Peak of Its 54th Anniversary, Faculty of Engineering Present the Most Active Journalist Award

In the closing of 54th anniversary commemoration series, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) held a healthy walking. All academic and administrative staffs along with their family, alumni, and FT-UB students occupied the parking-lot of the FT-UB’s main building on Sunday (November 3, 2017). Also attended the event were UB Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad […]

BEF 2017 UB Creative Entrepreneurship Event

In order to realize the direction of UB’s development into a World Class Entrepreneurial University, Student Affairs Division in cooperation with UB Entrepreneurship SMEs held Brawijaya Entrepreneurial Festival (BEF) 2017 for two days (3/11-4 / 11/2017) at UB Student Culture Building.This BEF event was held not only to attract UB’s entrepreneurship students but also the […]

Faculty of Agriculture Padjadjaran University Visits Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University

Faculty of Agriculture Brawijaya University received a visit from entourage of Faculty of Agriculture Padjadjaran University Bandung, Thursday (02/Nov/2017) in 2nd floor of the hall. The entourage led by Dr. Ir. Betty Natalie F, MS as Head of Postgraduate Program on Soil Science at Faculty of Agriculture Padjadjaran University, received openly by Dean of Faculty […]

FT Supports Rural Electrification Program

Community service became one of the high education tri dharma that must be done by lecturers. That is also done by lecturer of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) Malang, Ir Teguh Utomo MT. Targeting Andungbiru Village, Tiris District, Probolinggo District Teguh team providing electricity for 450 families that has not been powered by electricity […]

TI UB Smart Canes Win the Asia Pacific Design Competition

What if we are expected to make a design based on the problems encountered only in eight hours? Three students of Industrial Engineering (TI) Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) successfully answer the challenge. The students who joined in Tim Brawijaya 1 won the 8 Hours Students Asia Pacific Design Challenge (APDeC) 2017 organized by […]

Nine FILKOM students Receive Internship Scholarships from Japanese Halal Food Company

Nine students of FILKOM (Fakultas Ilmu Komputer/Faculty of Computer Science) Brawijaya University receive internship scholarship from Sariraya Co., Ltd, a halal food company in Japan. The scholarship is given as a form of a partnership follow up between FILKOM UB and Sariraya Co., Ltd. This cooperation approval letter was signed in August 2017. Symbolic scholarship […]

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