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Lecturer of Personality Development Lecturing Center Brings Learning Method in the Pandemic Era

Lecturer of Personality Development Lecturing Center, Universitas Brawijaya (PMPK UB) conducts socialization of digital-based character education learning instruments to teachers in Malang, Friday (2/10/2020). “The activity which is a part of community service is carried out at State Junior High School (SMPN) 3 Malang City,” said Triya Indra Rahmawan, Head of the Activity Implementation Team. […]

Beware of Heart Attack

In commemorating the 58th Anniversary of Universitas Brawijaya as well as the commemoration of World Heart Day 2020, the Faculty of Medicine held a seminar Beware of Heart Attack on Sunday (04/10) in the Auditorium Room 6th Floor, A Building FK UB. The seminar was held offline and online by involving more than 50 cardiovascular […]

Researching Algae, FPIK Collaborates with University of Szczecin, Poland

Algae is a natural resource that has a lot of potential, from improving the ecosystem by reducing carbon dioxide, as a medicine for human health, fertilizer and animal feed, to its role as a renewable energy resource, such as biofuel or biodiesel. Therefore, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences Universitas Brawijaya (FPIK-UB) in collaboration with […]

UB Held Collaboration Webinar with PT Bio Farma and IDI West Java

Bioscience Rapid Test as one of the innovations from Universitas Brawijaya (UB), has gone through various series of research and tests, both clinical and stability, so that it meets the requirements to be used by the community. This collaboration product with PT Bio Farma (Persero) has also gone through a series of examinations, so that […]

Students Initiate an Application of Depression Early Detection

Recently, the topic of mental health has been spoken a lot. During the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health became an issue that was increasingly rising to the surface. However, awareness of the importance of mental health issues is still inadequate. Responding to these conditions, the Student Creativity Program (PKM) team of Karsa Cipta (KC) scheme of […]

Fapet Held Probin Maba and PKBR, Building Attitudes and Personality

Generally, the human body consists of the body (physical) and spirit (soul) which need food to compose growth cells and fill the spiritual soul. Food for the soul is the science of religion and general knowledge to shape humans to behave properly so that they have a high degree. If the body is guided by […]

FP UB Students Find Fusarium Wilt Control Bacteria

Three students of the Department of Pests and Plant Diseases, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya Malang (FP UB) through a study of scientific articles found a solution to solve the problems of farmers in dealing with fusarium wilt disease or what is called moler in shallots. The three students are Claudya Santa Clara Simanjuntak, Meila […]

Viva La Comunicaction as an Introduction to Campus Life

A coaching program of the Department of Communication Science called Viva La Comunicacion (VLC) was held. This activity took place online by utilizing Zoom Meeting platform which was attended by 254 new students of communication science department scattered throughout Indonesia, Saturday (3/10/2020). In the occasion, the Head of the Department of Communication, Faculty of Social […]

UB Breaks MURI Record for Early Detection of Heart Attack

Universitas Brawijaya at the age of 58 years, is commemorated by holding a virtual health seminar, as well as commemorating World Heart Day, by breaking the MURI record and launching the application DETAK “Beware of Heart Attack” which was held online. Sunday, 4/10/2020. The DETAK application is the first application in Indonesia that helps directing […]

Viridium, Probin yang Selalu Dikenang Veridian

Sorry, this entry is only available in Indonesian. Viridium adalah bekal kalian dalam menjelajah kedepannya. Sebelum benar-benar pergi menjelajah ada kalanya berhenti, duduk tenang memperhatikan dan mempersiapkan perbekalan yang ada supaya nanti siap untuk berkuliah. Pernyataan itu disampaikan oleh Isy Zuhdan Nadhif selaku ketua pelaksana Viridium yang merupakan Program Binaan (probin) jurusan Psikologi Fakultas Ilmu […]

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