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1379 UB Graduates Take Offline Graduation

A total of 1379 graduates of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) attend the offline graduation or face to face in Samantha Krida building. The procession which was held at the Samantha Krida Building was divided into two waves, the first day Saturday (6/7/2022) as many as 743 graduates. While the second day Sunday (7/8/2022) as many as […]

72 FILKOM Prospective Students Participate in Transfer Program Selection

The Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM UB) opens new student registrations for Transfer Program Selection (SAP) from D3 to S1 levels in Odd Semester, Academic Year 2022/2023. The process of implementing the exam through the CBT (Computer Based Test) exam is held on Monday (1/8/2022). The exam this time was carried out directly or offline […]

23.800 UB Independent Selection Enthusiasts from the UTBK Score

A total of 23,800 became Independent Selection Enthusiasts of the Competency-Based Writing Exam (UTBK). Secretary of the Directorate of Administration and Academic Services Heri Prawoto, said that the amount that will be accepted is 50 percent of the total student quota accepted by UB. “Due to the change from higher education status from BLU to […]

UB Inaugurates Two Professors

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) inaugurated two professors in Samantha Krida Building, Wednesday (20/7/2022). First, Dr. Ir Abdul Wahib Muhaimin, MS who was inaugurated as a professor in the field of Agribusiness Management Science. He is the 30th professor from the Faculty of Agriculture and the 168th active professor at UB. Second, Dr. Rudianto, MA who was […]

Formulating the Development Strategy of Peanut Goats in the Southeast Sulawesi, a Lecturer of Halu Oleo University Achieves Doctoral Title

Lecturer of the Faculty of Animal Science, University of Halu Oleo (UHO) Kendari Ir. Syam Rahadi, S.Pt.,M.P.M.M,IPM received his doctorate (Dr.) after taking the final open dissertation exam, Friday (15/7/2022) through his research entitled “Genetic Potential, Population Dynamics, and Development Strategies of Peanut Goats in Southeast Sulawesi Islands”. Southeast Sulawesi became the research location since […]

“Oppa” is Now Officially a Standard Indonesian Word

The vocabulary “Oppa” is an absorption word from Korean and is now legal in the Indonesian language. This is evidenced by the insertion of the vocabulary in the last edition of the KBBI (2021). Theoretically, loanwords are absorbed into four patterns: adoption, adaptation (generally phonological adaptation), translation, and creation. Because there were no changes in […]

Fapet Cooperates with Universities in the Southeast Asia to Hold Summer Course and Culture Sharing

The Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) held a summer course activity to fill the holiday of even semester of AY. 2021/2022. Besides that, to improve student competence, it includes knowledge, technology, and expertise related to animal husbandry in the tropics. As well as providing international experience, networking, and increasing self-confidence. The activity […]

661 Fapet UB Students Conduct Thematic KKN to Develop Independent Farming Village in Magetan Regency

Students of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) are taking a thematic real work lecture (KKN-T) in Magetan Regency. This activity is intended for the 2020 batch students with a total of 661 students consisting of 561 undergraduate students majoring in Animal Husbandry Faculty of Animal Husbandry and 100 students of PSDKU […]

 UB Student Received PMDSU Scholarship, Completed His Doctoral Degree at the Age of 26

Protein has an important role for the human body, especially for people with diabetes mellitus. Proteins serve as carriers of food and medicine sources. However, what if this protein is damaged, thereby destabilizing the protein? This is what Syahputra Wibowo, a student of the Doctoral Program, Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, […]

Industrial Engineering UB Launches DTI Research and Innovation Center

In Commemorating the 17th Anniversary, the Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (DTI FT-UB) held a celebration as well as the launch of a study center, scientific development, and cooperation of the tri dharma of higher education DTI Research & Innovation Center, Friday, June 24, 2022 in Auditorium, 6th Floor  of DTI […]

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