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Workshop “Equalizing Perception in Developing Agricultural Clinic Design”

Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Brawijaya held a Workshop “Equalizing Perceptions in Developing Agricultural Clinic Design”, Sunday (15/8/2021). This event was attended by participants from the agricultural instructor profession, academics, students, farmers, and entrepreneurs/agricultural observers with a total of 240 participants who registered. The workshop was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Dr. […]

Dean of FILKOM Officially Announces the Kick Off KKN

The Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya officially opens the KKN Filkom UB Kick Off event, Tuesday (3/8/2021). Since it is still in a pandemic atmosphere, KKN activities are carried out online to protect the students’ health and safety also the public from COVID-19 transmission. The Kick Off event was carried out […]

PERSADA UB Held Workshop on Forensic Linguistic and Forensic Psychology

The Center of Criminal Justice System Research Development (PERSADA UB) held a workshop on Forensic Linguistics and Forensic Psychology on Saturday (7/8/2021). This activity aims to provide knowledge for practitioners, legal academics, and other researchers related forensic science. Remind that the application of Forensic Linguistics and Forensic Psychology can assist the criminal justice process related […]

PETBIODEGREE, an Innovation Tool for PET Plastic Waste Degradation

Plastic waste is quite crucial problem for humans, especially Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) waste which is generally found in the form of single-use drinking bottles. The increasing amount of plastic waste causes problems for the environment. Plastic waste takes up to 80 years to decompose that causing serious problems. Based on these problems, five students of […]

Strengthening the Implementation of MBKM, FTP UB Collaborates with 63 Universities troughout Indonesia

Witnessed by the Rector of Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Ir. Nuhfil Hanani, AR. MS and the Head of Indonesian Professors Association (API), Prof. Ari Purbayanto, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Universitas Brawijaya (FTP UB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, MP signed an online agreement with 63 universities throughout Indonesia on Thursday (05/08/2021). In […]

FKPT Webinar – TPI Series 1 Dean’s Talk

The Communication Forum for Higher Education – Indonesian Agricultural Technology (FKPT-TPI) held a Webinar Series 1 Dean’s Talk entitled “The Development of Local Resource-based Food Production Innovation in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 Towards Global Competitiveness” Thursday (05/08/2021) The activity, which was held in collaboration with FKPT-TPI, FTP UB, FTP UGM, FATETA IPB and FAPERTA […]

UB and UNPAD Held National Discussion on Archivist Performance Assessment

UB and UNPAD held a national discussion entitled Performance Assessment of Functional Archivist on Saturday, (31/7/2021). This activity is carried out online using zoom application which is officially opened by the Dean of FISIP UB, Dr. Sholih Mu’adi, SH., M.Si,. In his speech, Sholih really appreciated this activity. He said that the role of archivists […]

UB Position is Increased to the 4th Rank on Webometrics

The Position of Universitas Brawijaya in the Webometrics international rating agency at the end of July 2021 rises to the 4th rank compared to January 2021 edition which was 5th ranked of Indonesian universities. UB rises based on three indicators, namely web content impact or visibility, openness or transparency, and excellence or scholar. The Head […]

Fapet UB Undergraduate Program Obtained Superior Accreditation

Undergraduate Program (S1) of Animal Husbandry Faculty of Animal Husbandry Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB) received excellent accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN PT), Wednesday (28/7/2021). The score obtained by Fapet UB is 375 with accredited status and excellent ranking. Superior accreditation is set to determine the quality assurance of study programs […]

FCS UB Summer Camp 2021 with Tianjin International Foreign Studies University

Tianjin International Foreign Studies University Summer Camp is one of the implementations of the University-to-University MOU between Universitas Brawijaya (UB) and Tianjin Foreign Studies University, China which was signed in June 2021. This event was carried out by the Study Programme of Chinese Literature (SPCL) Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) UB and Confucius Institute Tianjin […]

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