Pasuruan Regent Welcomes FPIK UB Thematic KKN Activity

The Government of Pasuruan Regency held a welcome for the 2022 FPIK UB Thematic KKN participants on Tuesday (25/7/2022) at Graha Bina Praja Building.

A total of 490 students participating in KKN attended the activity, accompanied by a group of FPIK UB leaders, as well as representatives of village heads and sub-district heads from 17 coastal villages of Pasuruan Regency as the location of KKN.

The Dean of FPIK, Prof. Dr. Ir. Maftuch, M.Si, said that this activity has thematic activities, namely the making of geospatial-based village maps, as well as making profiles of MSMEs in coastal villages and sub-districts in Pasuruan Regency. In addition to building the database, the FPIK Thematic KKN activities are also learning for students to communicate and interact both with the team and with the community. KKN students are representatives of UB institutions that must maintain the good name of the campus, in order to be able to achieve the highest goal of education, namely as scholars who are beneficial to the community. Acting Regent of Pasuruan KH. A. Mujib Imron, SH, MH, welcomed the Thematic KKN activities carried out by FPIK UB in Pasuruan Regency. He hopes that this activity will be able to contribute in the form of potential maps and Coastal Village Profiles in Pasuruan Regency area, which consists of making thematic maps of village potentials, as well as updating village profiles, especially from the socio-economic aspects of the community.

Also on this occasion, the Head of Pasuruan Region entrusted the mandate to the sub-district heads, which were occupied by KKN students, namely Bangil, Kraton, Rejoso, Lekok and Nguling Districts along with village heads who were within the scope of the sub-district, to be able to provide a sense of security and help students in providing information and coordinating to facilitate all student needs. For the students of FPIK UB who are KKN participants, he advised them to always maintain the customs and traditions at the location. Furthermore, the Regent of Pasuruan hopes that Pasuruan Regency can be designated as the location of the routine agenda for the implementation of KKN activities. [FPIK/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]