The Black Flies Cultivation For the Empowerment of Organic Waste

Black Fly. Documentation by ilmu

A total of 15 students from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK) conduct waste empowering using black flies named INTAF.

In collaboration with the Mulyosejati1 Farmers Group and the 3R Mulyoagung Dau TPST (Integrated Waste Disposal Site) Malang Regency, 15 FPIK students consisted of Muh. Lutfi Ardiansyah as chairman, Anis, Soma, Alfisar, Tito, Alfi, Astrida, Yasmin, Bella, Wawan, Gigaranu, Dian, Andiya, Randy, and Dafa.

Integrated Technical Farm Black Soldier Fly (INTAF) is a black fly cultivation system to manage and reduce organic waste.

The INTAF program is broadly divided into 4 sub-activities, which are waste processing, black soldier fly cultivation through the use of organic waste, processing of black soldier fly cultivation products and making catfish pellets.

Water Spraying to Stimulate Black Flies Laying Eggs

Black fly cultivation does not only solve the problem of organic waste, but can also empower the community’s economy by selling processed BSF products such as dry maggot, fresh maggot, and fish pellets.

The protein contained in this Black Fly Larvae reaches 40% -60% which can help breeders to make Black Fly Larvae as an alternative feed.

The process of BSF mentoring begins with making cages and providing household organic waste as food for BSF larvae.

BSF larvae which become pupae are used for the making of fish pellets, and the organic waste that is decomposed by BSF becomes fertilizer.

The community hope for this program that it can continue and make Mulyoagung village in managing organic waste using black fly media.

This program is funded by KEMDIKBUD. (AWU / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)