BKGN FKG UB Appeals Public to be not Afraid of Getting Medical Treatment in the Pandemic Era

Mayor CKM drg. Nugroho Setyawan, Sp.BM FICS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon Kesdam V Brawijaya)

In commemoration of the 2020 National Dental Health Month as well as the 58th Anniversary Series of Universitas Brawijaya, the Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Brawijaya (FKG-UB) collaborates with PT Unilever Indonesia to hold webinars for members of Indonesian Army (TNI), families, and society. This time, BKGN FKG UB 2020 carries the theme “Dental and Oral Health Education in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period”.

Conducted online through zoom and live broadcast on youtube, the event was officially opened by the Dean of FKG UB, Dr. Nur Permatasari, drg., MS. This webinar was attended by more than 500 participants from members of TNI throughout Indonesia as well as the Women of Army Wives Association (Ibu Persit Kartika Chandrakirana).

The Chief Executive of BKGN FKG UB 2020, drg. Zefry Zainal Abidini, Sp.BM, M.Ked, Klin, in his remarks said that the current Covid-19 pandemic is a dangerous threat to the health of all levels of society. When they sick, sometimes people are afraid to seek treatment for fear of being infected. This webinar was held to encourage people to always be vigilant and not afraid to seek treatment when they are sick.

“Even though this year’s event is held online, we all committees and FKG UB hope that it will not dampen our enthusiasm to participate in this activity and hopefully the knowledge conveyed can be applied so that it can improve the health status of the community later,” said Zefry.

Dr. drg. Nur Masita Silviana, Sp.Ort (Lecturer at FKG UB)

Not only Zefry, Head of Health of Kodam V Brawijaya Col CKM, dr. Krisna Murti, Sp.BS FINPS also expressed his hopes. “I hope that through this webinar, public can know and be aware of the importance of prevention and live with a normal pattern during the pandemic. I express my gratitude and give my highest appreciation to the committee and all elements who have helped the event. Hopefully the webinar activity which is jointly organized by BKGN FKG UB and TNI AD Kesdam V Brawijaya will produce useful knowledge for webinar participants and wider community, “he said.

On the occasion, BKGN FKG UB invited two presenters. First, Major CKM drg. Nugroho Setyawan, Sp.BM FICS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon of Kesdam V Brawijaya) who will present material entitled Dental and Oral Health Services in Pandemic Period. In his material, Nugroho gave briefings related to keep our personal from Covid-19 and what to do or pay attention when doing dental treatment in the pandemic era.

“Dentists and patients must comply with health protocols to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus. There are several things that patients should do before going to the dentist, such as making a treatment agreement with a doctor, conducting a rapid test or PCR swab, and if there are symptoms or reactive results, the patient must immediately contact the doctor to delay the treatment, “he said.

Nugroho added, the Association of Indonesian Teeth and Mouth Hospitals (ARSGMPI) advised patients to gargle their mouths using povidone iodine for one minute before opening their mouths. Meanwhile for dentists, to protect patients from cross-infection, dentists must change the disposable apron and perform disinfection every time they change patients.

While the second material was delivered by Dr. drg. Nur Masita Silviana, Sp.Ort (Lecturer at FKG UB) who discussed “The Role of Parents in Preparing Dental and Oral Health for the Next Generation of the Nation”. In her material, Sari explained the urgency of TNI soldiers to have good and healthy oral health. Healthy teeth are very important for military personnel because of the different placement and climatic conditions in each task. TNI members who are stationed in remote areas are usually not provided with adequate dental support.

“Good dental health helps in preventing dental emergencies. This is because unhealthy teeth will disrupt military recruits from following a normal diet during training. Besides, teeth can also have a negative impact on TNI candidates because it will affect their speaking ability, “he concluded.

He also explained how to maintain good teeth growth and development. From this, it is also explained what things or habits that can cause teeth to become unhealthy and untidy. Parents have a big enough role in maintaining the oral and dental health of their children, especially those who wish to continue their career path to become soldiers in the TNI Unit. [Vika / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]