FCS UB Hosts Documentary Short Film Competition in Collaboration with OPPO and Medcom.id

The Dean with the Winner of FCS UB 2024 Culture Week Documentary Short Film Competition
The Dean with the Winner of FCS UB 2024 Culture Week Documentary Short Film Competition

To encourage the younger generation to create works in the fields of arts and culture, the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS) at Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held a documentary short film production competition. The event was part of the 15th anniversary of FCS UB. Themed “Cultural Mosaic: Harmony in Language, Art, and Culture,” the competition saw participation from dozens of contestants and was a collaboration with OPPO and Medcom.id.

After a two-week judging process, the winners of the FCS UB 2024 Culture Week Documentary Short Film Competition were announced. Participants from various regions in Indonesia joined the Zoom meeting room to hear the results. The event’s peak was held on Sunday (2/6/2024).

The event began with a report from the chief organiser of FCS UB Culture Week 2024, Rosta Naziah Hasani, M.A. Rosta thanked all parties involved in the competition, including cooperation partners and participants.

“This documentary film competition is organised to promote art and culture in the community and provide a platform for filmmakers to express their creativity,” she explained.

She further mentioned that the preparation, implementation, and judging of this competition proceeded smoothly according to the timeline.

“Once again, I would like to thank the participants, judges, sponsors, and related parties who have supported this event, especially FCS UB,” concluded Rosta.

Devian Satria Kusuma, Manager Trainer of PT World Innovative Communication
Devian Satria Kusuma, Manager Trainer of PT World Innovative Communication

Next, OPPO Malang’s Regional General Manager, Aditya Firmansyah, delivered his speech. On behalf of OPPO, Aditya expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the Documentary Short Film Competition of Culture Week 2024.

“This is one of OPPO’s commitments to support all activities we can organise in the Malang Raya area, particularly in Indonesia. We are delighted and proud to be involved in this activity. Insha Allah, if allowed, we will be delighted to support future events at FCS UB,” said Aditya.

The Dean of FCS UB, Hamamah, Ph.D., also delivered a speech. She expressed her gratitude to the sponsors and welcomed plans for future collaborations. She also thanked the judges and the organising committee.

The moment the participants had been waiting for arrived with the jury evaluation. The works of the participants were assessed by three judges experienced in their respective fields: Devian Satria Kusuma, Manager Trainer of PT World Innovative Communication; Yusri Fajar, M.A., lecturer in the Study Programme of English Literature at FCS UB and cultural observer; and Hadi Winarto, Executive Manager of Medcom.id MetroTV.

Hadi Winarto, Executive Manager of Medcom.id MetroTV
Hadi Winarto, Executive Manager of Medcom.id MetroTV

In his evaluation, Hadi Winarto highly appreciated the participants’ creativity. He praised their imagination and efforts to visualise their messages. The participants created various genres within the overarching theme.

“There are some movies whose visualisation is excellent. They paid attention not only to location but also to time, natural light, and ambient temperature. They used not only established shots but also sequence shots and semiotic images—images with meaning. I didn’t expect some works to be of such high calibre,” he said.

Finally, after moments of suspense and eager anticipation, the winners were announced. Six winners were honoured in this year’s competition.

In sixth place, Nalendro Marello from the Faculty of Communication Sciences UB attracted attention with his movie “Digital Rhythm.” Fifth place went to Walaba Ginatra Utama and the SMA Negeri 1 Klaten team for their work, “Batik Sindu Melati: Kilau Puspa.” Alvin Raditya and the team from MAN 2 Ponorogo secured fourth place with their film “Goresan Arti,” which tackled an in-depth theme.

Third place was awarded to Adisya Putra Dwitama Puji Siswanto and the team from Petra Christian University for their movie “Wrestling Okol: Brotherhood Rivalry.” Second place went to Mukhammad Farid and his team from Rebyek Trail Run Malang for “Lelaku Lali Jiwo.” Finally, the highest award went to Suhadi Adi Prastowo and the team from Diponegoro University for their stunning film, “Alkisah: Tradition and Civilization.”

The announcement of the FCS UB 2024 Culture Week Documentary Short Film Competition winners marked the culmination of the participants’ dedication and creativity. The support from OPPO and Medcom.id, combined with the enthusiasm of FCS UB, created a lively and energetic atmosphere for the competition.

The winners received awards and contributed valuable works to the enrichment of cultural treasures through film. With the success of this event, there will be more opportunities for young filmmakers to continue creating and expressing compelling stories. [dts/PR FCS]