BEM FP Holds BAKI Event: Sharing Happiness in Orphanage

The Ministry of Social Affairs, Student Executive Board, Faculty of Agriculture, Brawijaya University (BEM FP UB) is again holding social service activities and breaking fast together through the Bag Of Kindness (BAKI) program. This event was held with the children of Darul Jundi Orphanage, Rampal, Malang.

Minister of Community Social Affairs BEM FP UB 2024, Arsya Baskara, explained that this BAKI activity invited all students of the Faculty of Agriculture to donate for the children in orphanages.

“Thank God, donations from friends were all successfully collected amounting to IDR 6,315,000 in the collection period from March 18 to 31 2024,” said Arsya.

Arsya added that part of the donations were distributed in the form of stationery packages for children, each package containing notebooks, pencils, pens and cutlery, and the other part was given in the form of cash directly for the operations of the orphanage.

The event was also attended by the President of BEM FP UB 2024, Satria Anugra Pratama. Satria said that this event is a place to share happiness and hopes to raise sensitivity towards those around us.

“Hopefully this activity will be useful for all parties,” said Satria.

Trustee of Darul Jundi Orphanage Malang, Sholeh advised that true happiness lies in simple things and that good learning is learning to share and included in society. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)