Learning From Failure, Happy Asmara’s Company Collaborates with UB to Develop Innovation

Experience is the most expensive lesson. This seems to be what happened to the young dangdut singer from Kediri, Happy Asmara. This woman, whose full name is Happy Rismanda Hendranata, has experienced several failures in managing her company. Learning from experience when he was a Commissioner, she through PT. Ghania Berkah Ashiya, collaborates with Universitas Brawijaya by signing an MoU at the Rectorate Building, Monday (3/6/2024) yesterday.

MOU Signing between UB and PT Ghaniya Berkah Ashiya

This memorandum of understanding was signed by the Main Director of PT Ghaniya Berkah Ashiya, Arindi E and the Deputy Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Universitas Brawijaya, Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, S.E., M.Sc., Ak. According to Happy, this step is the beginning of collaboration with UB. “This is the beginning of cooperation, which does not close the possibility of continuing and spreading to cooperation in other fields,” she said. She also said that previously she had several businesses that failed to develop because they felt inadequate and had not received sufficient access and hoped for input from Universitas Brawijaya experts. She also admitted that she had previously experienced failure in developing her company. “Collaboration with UB is something great and valuable for Happy,” she added.

Asked about the fields of cooperation, she mentioned the fields of skin care and body care. And in the near future, they will develop health drinks, drinks for healthy skin, diet companion drinks and several cosmetic products, and hope to develop other products to introduce them to the wider community. Where later the products will be sourced from UB patents, from research by existing professors, to be ready for downstreaming.

In his remarks, the Deputy Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Unti Ludigdo, S.E., M.Si., Ak. explained that UB has a lot of innovation potential. “Universitas Brawijaya has a lot of innovations, and this innovation also has a patent, among the innovations produced are in the field of food and drink and the potential to be used as ingredients for medicines. The problem that can be understood is how these innovative products can then be utilized optimally in the community,” he explained. .

The most important thing, added Unti, is being able to promote competitive local products. “No less important is to be able to elevate our local products to global competitiveness. We need to pay attention to how we collaborate with a good pattern, then it can become a superior product and can color the global market. Don’t let our nation just become a market without producing superior products,” he concluded.

In addition to signing the MoU with the Deputy Chancellor, PT Ghaniya Berkah Ashiya also collaborated with the Faculty of Agricultural Technology. This collaboration was welcomed by the Dean of FTP. “After we discussed with PT Ghania, they intend to develop beverage products, health and beauty drinks and, also in the cosmetics sector and this is very closely related to the scientific field of Agricultural Technology. They are also interested in developing porang-based products, this means that there are already a lot of products that have been produced by researchers at FTP related to beauty health drinks and cosmetics. It remains to be seen how it will be implemented to create joint products that can later be utilized by PT. Ghania,” said Prof. Yusuf Hendrawan, STP. M.App.Life.Sc.Ph.D.

Apart from signing the collaboration, the arrival of Happy Asmara and the staff of PT Ghaniya Berkah Ashiya also visited UB Merch location, the office of the Directorate of Regional Innovation for Science and Technology (DIKST), PT Brawijaya Multi Usaha and several laboratory locations at the Faculty of Agricultural Technology.

“We hope that the initial step through the signing of this collaboration can really be followed up and continued into real action for synergistic collaboration to produce something beneficial for society,” concluded Unti. (KAN/VQ/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)