Explaining the Secret of Graduate without Thesis to the Students of MA Al-Mukmin Ngruki

MA Al-Mukmin Ngruki Sukoharjo visited the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) on Monday (4/3/2024) in a series of further study activities attended by 102 students.

“The aim of our visit is that the students have the motivation to study harder, be more diligent, and then be able to continue at a further level of education in accordance with their hopes, one of which may be at Brawijaya University Malang,” said the Vice Principle of MA Al -Mukmin Sukoharjo, Sulaeman, S.Pd.

In line with the hopes of Sulaeman, S.Pd, Chair of the Center for Information Systems and Public Relations, FISIP UB, Tia Subekti S.IP, MA also hopes that this visit can motivate the students to pursue education at college level.

After listening to the material presented by the Public Relations of FISIP UB, Muhammad Irfan Anshori, S.I.Kom., one of the students of MA Al-Mukmin Ngruki Sukoharjo, Alwi asked about the provisions for graduating without a thesis applied at FISIP.

One answer is that Brawijaya University students can graduate without a thesis if they succeed in winning a gold medal at PIMNAS or National Scientific Week.

“Even Mas Alwi, for example, if tomorrow is still in the 4th semester taking part in PIMNAS and become the 1st winner gets a gold medal, it can be processed immediately. No need to think about the thesis. Just finish studying until 7 semester, done. Well, that’s one of the rewards given at the university level,” he said.

In addition, the faculty is making regulations so that FISIP students do not need to write a thesis to graduate.

“It can be from the work, for example what model design is, what the shape is, and there is a product,” he explained.

The visit activity was closed and continued with FISIP Tour which invited the students to tour FISIP UB so that they would be more motivated to make FISIP UB as a place to continue their studies. (Fazlar/FISIP PR/oky/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)