Mixth X Social Environment BEM FISIP UB Held Green Campus Campaign

Student Sovereignty Institute (LKM) Event Organizer Mixth together with Student Executive Board (BEM) FISIP UB held a Green Campus Campaign to build awareness together in sorting waste, Monday (5/6/2023) to Friday (9/6/2023).

Ardra Athaya, as the Head of Creative Mix of FISIP UB explained that this activity is continuous with the work programs of the Ministry of Social and Environment BEM FISIP UB, one of which is Eco Scholarship.

“So after this campaign activity is over, the work program from Social and Environment BEM FISIP will continue with the provision of trash cans,” he said Thursday (8/6/2023).

In addition to collaborating with the Ministry of Social Affairs BEM FISIP, in this Green Campaign activity Mixth also collaborates with iLitterless, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which is also engaged in waste management in Malang City.

The reason why the focus on the location of the implementation of the Green Campus Campaign starts from the FISIP environment, because the FISIP Mixth and the Ministry of Sociology BEM prioritize targeting the faculty community to have initial awareness in sorting waste, so that later it can facilitate the recycling process.

“Especially at FISIP, there’s only one type of trash can, and it’s mixed, it hasn’t been sorted by type,” explained Ardra.

Not only that, Mixth FISIP plans to continue the results of the Green Campus Campaign to be donated to parties in need, especially for orphanages or senior citizens’ homes.

“In fact, before holding the Green Campus Campaign, we also held live education and propaganda events as well,” added Ardra.

Interestingly, the Green Campus Campaign event is part of a series of big events Mixth FISIP UB this year, Brawijaya Run 2023 which will be held in July 2023. This activity has a fun run concept and is open to the general public in Malang City and its surroundings.

“Brawijaya Run 2023 will be held at Rampal Field and this will be interesting, because in Malang itself there has been no fun run event for a long time, the last one was in 2019,” he explained. (Alif/Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)