Discuss Creative Entrepreneurship and Education in 1000 Entrepreneurial Students

Universitas Brawijaya cooperates with the East Java Nahdliyin Entrepreneurs Association (HPN) by holding a public lecture at Samantha Krida Building. This activity was held on Wednesday (1/3/2023) with the theme Creative Entrepreneurship and Education

The guest lecture was attended by 300 participants including UB students. In addition, this activity was also attended by UB officials and HPN officials, presenting the speaker A. Fajar Ridwan Hisjam (Founder of the Recreational School).

“I am very happy today to be invited to HPN East Java and hopefully in the future we can continue to shine. This may not only be done in other places and especially in Brawijaya. Maybe that’s a glimpse of the recreational school and all of our training is completely free and we are ready to attend villages or communities,” he said.

Youth creation and innovation school was founded in June 2020. Initially this school was an innovation from Ridwan Hisjam to set up a training in Malang City for friends who wanted to have achievements quickly. Covered 100 people but because last year there was a pandemic it was limited to 30 people.

Until now, this Recreation School has conducted training for 41 sub-districts in Malang Raya, Malang Batu City and Malang district. Each sub-district will take one village there and later participants will come from all sub-districts. An example of what they have done is today’s syllabus data. Creative Youth School already has nearly 60 training syllabuses. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]