Discussing Environmentally Friendly Energy and Digitalization, DIKST Presents Practitioners from Eaton Industries

Nowadays, developments in the times and advances in transportation technology have begun to penetrate the renewable energy system, electric vehicles act as an alternative for managing energy revitalization in the future. Sooner or later electric vehicles will become a trend that will spread widely in society, where the Indonesian government has also launched several programs related to new and renewable energy. On the other hand, there are hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles, one of the advantages of which is that they are considered more environmentally friendly than conventional cars, so that the use of electric cars can provide new benefits by reducing air pollution from vehicles.

By this background, the Directorate of Inovaso and Science Technology Areas (DIKST) Brawijaya University(UB) invited speaker Putra A. Mudzakir as Country Manager from PT. Eaton Industries Indonesia, a company operating in the field of electrical energy management based in Ireland. In the Innovation Roadshow seminar, Friday (1/12), he revealed that the aim of PT. Eaton Industries Indonesia is now focused on the energy transition, electrification and digitalization. The three will be interconnected in the transition process from fossil energy to renewable energy. The use of smartphones and the internet of things has become standard in industrial operations, so digitalization has become the main thing as an adaptation effort.

He added that improving the quality of life must be balanced with environmental insight so that the ecosystem and use of natural energy are also maintained. “We have used solar panels to utilize energy through Energy Storage System (ESS) storage. As an EV Charger manufacturer, Eaton has currently collaborated with a number of leading automotive companies in the world such as Tesla and Hyundai. “The two companies are also operating as electric vehicle manufacturers,” he said.

ESS can be controlled via a smartphone application, including data, electricity consumption and several things that can be used for business forecasting, for example. Eaton is also trying to implement energy efficiency, one of which is factory modeling, where this data is considered important as a business reference for predicting energy needs in order to determine the pricing of all products in the future.

Eaton with 9 Innovation Centers can be an opportunity for collaboration with the academic community. From this collaboration, students have the opportunity to develop applications related to data, so that what is given can lead to solution steps, starting from AI to developing a smart green ecosystem according to the perspective of the industrial world 4.0. [UB PR/ Trans. Iir]