Journal Management Body of FH UB Held Journal Coaching Clinic

FH UB Journal Management Body Holds Journal Coaching Clinic | photo: PSIK FH UB

In order to support the professional and academic development of lecturers in the context of research and scientific publications, the Journal Management Board (BPJ) of the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University (FH UB) held a “Journal Coaching Clinic” Monday, (20/11/2023) in meeting room one and meeting room three of the 6th floor of A Building, FH UB.

Dr. Lucky Endrawati, S.H., M.H. as Chair of the Journal Management Board (BPJ) FH UB in his speech said that the aim of holding this “Journal Coaching Clinic” was to help lecturers understand, develop and improve skills related to writing and publishing scientific journals, including the ability to compose strong scientific arguments, compose abstract, and compose well-structured articles.

The process for accepting articles in internationally reputable journals is selective and competitive. In this activity, the participants were accompanied directly by academic mentors who already have journals of international reputation. The hope is that the output which will be obtained in the future is that more lecturers will be able to send their journals for publication in several internationally reputable journals.

‚ÄúThis activity helps authors overcome obstacles they may face in compiling research articles and increases their chances of being published in journals of international reputation. “This journal writing assistance has many fundamental benefits, both for the author himself and for scientific progress as a whole,” said Lucky.

Some of the benefits of the “Coaching Clinic Journal” carried out by BPJ FH UB are to help authors to detail and perfect the research design, ensuring that the methodology used is appropriate and the research results are reliable.

Additionally, the mentoring process provides an opportunity for writers to improve their writing skills, including word choice, sentence structure, and conveying ideas clearly. Then authors can gain deeper insight into the world of scientific publications, including research ethics, editorial processes, and the standards expected by journals.

The “Coaching Clinic Journal” carried out by BPJ FH UB is an important step in supporting writers to produce high quality scientific work that can make a significant contribution to scientific literature and increase the ranking of the Faculty of Law at the international level. (RMA/FH PR/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)