The Awardee of Sobat Bumi Pertamina UB Scholarship Plants Mangrove

Planting Mangrove Seeds Starting Sobat Bumi Pertamina Scholarship Activities

The Awardee of Sobat Bumi Pertamina Brawijaya University Scholarship held an activity in the form of planting mangrove seeds and coastal clean actions carried out at Mangrove GPMC Kedung Ijo, Malang Regency, East Java, Thursday (12/28/2023). This series is packaged in an activity entitled Aksi Sobat Bumi #2: Movement to reduce emissions in the Village (Gemes) of Brawijaya University. In this activity, the awardee from Sobat Bumi Pertamina Foundation scholarship Bawijaya and volunteers worked together to strengthen the mangrove ecosystem while cleaning the beach from plastic waste and waste to start concrete steps in environmental preservation.

Adisti Umulliza, the coordinator of Aksi Sobat Bumi #2 Brawijaya University, stated that this activity was a form of environmental concern. “This activity is as a form of concern and commitment from us as an the extension of Pertamina to always maintain the sustainability of the surrounding environment which in this case is concerned to reduce emissions from the village through planting 400 mangrove tree seedlings in the coastal areas in Malang,” she said.

Not only the action of planting 400 mangrove seeds, in this activity the participants also contributed to restoring the welfare of the coastal environment by actively cleaning the beach from plastic waste and various waste. Each participant is equipped with cleaning equipment and garbage bags which at the end of the day are met from the remnants of garbage collected by the Awardee of Sobat Bumi Scholarship Brawijaya University.

“In addition, we also distribute trash bins made from used tires to be placed in the coastal area so that later visitors can better maintain beach cleanliness,” said Dio Pratama Putra Matruty, Project Advisor of Action Activities.

To maximize the positive impact of this activity, the action committee also did not forget to carry out the distribution of Eco Bag as a substitute for plastic bags. The most prominent difference between the usual used plastic bags and Eco bags is the nature of the Eco Bag that is more environmentally friendly since the main ingredients are taken from fabrics that are easily decomposed. In addition, Eco Bag also has the advantage that can be used repeatedly.

In addition, the participants from Aksi Sobat Bumi #2: Movement to reduce emissions in the Village (Gemes) of Brawijaya University also distributed posters with educational messages about environmental preservation. These things are done in the hope that the results of the activities they carried out on that day did not stop only on that day, but it would be sustainable in the future. Local residents welcomed this activity, hoping that this kind of action could be an inspiration for other communities to be actively involved in environmental preservation.

Aksi Sobat Bumi #2: Movement to reduce emissions in the Village (Gemes) of Brawijaya University is expected to be a concrete step of the Awardee of Sobat Bumi Pertamina Foundation Scholarship Brawijaya University in an effort to preserve the environment. This action is a tangible form of nature preservation and maintains the cleanliness of the beach to create a cleaner and healthier environment. [Tim/Sitirahma/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]