Web of Science Hearing at UB

Brawijaya University held a Hearing on Improving the Quality and Strategy of Scientific Publications in International Journals with Clarivate Analytics, Tuesday (28/11/2023). Clarivate Analytics is a company that has Web of Science services which is based in Singapore. Meanwhile, Web of Science is the largest database containing abstracts and citation databases from peer-reviewed literature throughout the world.

Two speakers were present, namely DiuSeng See, Sales Manager and InnBeng Lee, Lead Business Solution Consultant. The hearing was held with the editor and manager of Sinta 1 and 2 indexed journals which speak English. Both of them were present to convey the use of citation data to plan the strategic direction of targeted UB journals, writers and editors were invited to maximize journal management, search for research for UB journals and improve quality manuscripts through qualified and motivating reviewers.

In the question and answer session, participants had the opportunity to ask questions regarding journal management, one of which was a representative from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, the Industrial journal. It was stated that this journal was twice rejected from being indexed by WoS for the same reason, namely the Ethical Statement. Even though we have revised the Ethical Statement in line with other journals that have been indexed by WoS.

“This is an easy problem, you can paraphrase another Ethical Statement but don’t make it too similar, make it relevant to your journal that shows your characteristics,” said InnBeng Lee.

Prof. Luchman Hakim, S.Sc., M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D, chairman of LPPM UB hopes that this event can provide enlightenment to know WoS better, how to get journals into the WoS indexation. “Because in the WCU (World Class University) matrix, both WoS and Scopus are important metrics for assessment,” he said.

He conveyed that LPPM is trying to accelerate UB journals that are still in Sinta 2 so that they are indexed by Scopus or WoS. There is coordinating with editors and assistant editors so that they frequently attend similar forums so they can provide input to each other. [sitirahma/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]