UB Catalog Mobile Application Promotes Organic Coffee Tourism in Kalibaru, Banyuwangi

Kebonrejo Village, Kalibaru Wetan, Kalibaru Manis, Kalibaru District is the target of the 1000 Village Strategic Community Service program by lecturers from Universitas Brawijaya (UB). Kalibaru is a coffee production center in Banyuwangi. The dedication activity aims to market Kalibaru’s unique organic coffee tourism which will be promoted through a mobile catalog. This service helps local residents to overcome obstacles, namely the lack of human resources for making mobile catalog applications, so that the marketing and sales of coffee products can be maximized.

The introduction of coffee promotion services through this mobile catalog is expected to increase tourism competitiveness and also improve the economy of the people of Banyuwangi, especially Kalibaru coffee activists. Kalibaru District has enormous potential to attract tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists in the future through the coffee products it produces.

The 1000 Village Strategic Community Service activity was held on July 18 2023 at Maharadja Coffee Kebonrejo Village, which was chaired by UB lecturer Ismatul Khasanah, S.Pd., M.Pd., M.Ed., Ph.D., with members of the Faculty Computer Science Tibyani, S.T., M.T. This activity was also fully supported by Dedie Suharto S.E. (Head of Kebonrejo Village), and attended by Ketut (Commander of the Kalibaru Koramil) and Agus Muryadi (BABINSA) of Kebonrejo Village.

Abdillah as the management of Maharadja Coffee also warmly welcomed this activity by providing an adequate place to support the process of the event. Maharadja Coffee also provides many types of coffee, so participants can learn while enjoying a variety of typical Kalibaru coffees.

The coffee promotion program through the mobile catalog application in Kalibaru was also attended by the chairman of the Banyuwangi Regency HPI (Indonesian Tour Guides Association), Andika Rahmat Hidayat. Andika provided material regarding the development of coffee tourism which was very interesting and useful for MSME developers. The material presented was welcomed enthusiastically, because it was previously mentioned that in addition to developing a mobile catalog application, it was also necessary to increase the advantages of Kalibaru coffee so that it could attract the attention of both domestic and foreign tourists.

As is well known, the marketing or promotion constraints for Kalibaru Coffee still need to be improved or updated so that it can be more global. In this activity, the service team also involved students from the Faculty of Computer Science, namely Fahmi Noordin Rumagutawan assisted by a team also from the Faculty of Computer Science, Ferdianshah Dwika Permana. Tibyani, S.T., M.T., as an expert in application development, seeks to offer solutions to the problems faced by society. Fahmi and Ferdi delivered material on the development of a catalog mobile application. How to use and the materials needed in the application were explained clearly to participants who are entrepreneurs in the coffee sector. In addition to the material, the community service team also showed directly how to use the application. So that the participants can immediately practice how to use it. The training participants looked very enthusiastic about participating in this series of events. They feel happy because they get new knowledge to support the marketing of their coffee products through this catalog mobile application.

In accordance with the objective of the activity, namely so that opportunities for Kalibaru coffee tourism are realized in a sustainable manner. The solution offered is to provide training to Kalibaru residents, especially entrepreneurs in the coffee sector, on how to promote Kalibaru coffee through a mobile catalog application. In addition, with training on how to promote coffee through mobile applications for product catalogs, it can also maximize the management of travel websites and social media to promote it worldwide. [Kireina/pon/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]