APATTE62 Returns to Compete in SHELL-ECO MARATHON 2024


Universitas Brawijaya was represented by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dr. Setiawan Noerdajasakti, S.H., M.H released the Apatte62 Brawijaya Team which will take part in the 2024 Shell Eco-Marathon competition, Monday (24/6/2024). A total of 28 students and 2 field supervisors departed at the release ceremony which was held on the 6th floor of the Rectorate Building.

“It seems that this team is ready to take part in the competition in Mandalika. We can be optimistic about what the Head of Department (Mechanical Engineering) and General Manager (Tim Apatte) conveyed,” he said.

At the Shell-Eco Marathon 2024 which will be held for a week (2-7/6/2024) at the Mandalika Circuit, West Nusa Tenggara, the Apatte62 Brawijaya team will compete against 80 teams from 12 countries in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions, in two categories cars, namely the Urban Concept and Prototype which use energy sources which are divided into several subcategories, namely internal combustion engines, electric batteries and hydrogen. On this occasion, the Apatte62 Brawijaya Team will launch cars in the Urban Electric and Hydrogen Prototype categories.

As stated by Mohamad Nur Burhanudin, Manager of Urban Electric cars, the team has been preparing for this departure for almost a year. Practices are usually held from midnight to dawn at the Firefly Park near Malang State University. Preparations for best performance are evaluated at each exercise. Burhan said that the Urban Electric car, Marsela EV, previously had the best achievement in the Shell Eco Marathon event was 183 km/kwh while the Hydrogen Prototype, Anagata FCV, was 361 km/kwh. These results have increased during test drives from March to June.

Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Purnami, S.T., M.T. said that judging from the training results, Apatte62 could be the champion in these two classes. “Compared to the previous year, this is better than the previous year, our target is to win first place for hydrogen and first place for electric cars,” he said.

The Apatte62 Brawijaya team has gone through a long preparation process to prepare their car for the international event, Shell Eco-Marathon 2024, starting from conducting in-depth research, designing and building the car, as well as carrying out regular testing to ensure their car is ready for the race. With this, the Apatte62 Brawijaya Team hopes to bring back the championship title after winning 1st place in the hydrogen prototype at the 2022 Shell Eco-Marathon and 1st place in Urban Electricity at the 2023 Shell Eco Marathon. [sitirahma/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir]