Raising the Waste Issue, FISIP UB Student Achieves Best Speech Title of Miss East Java 2023

Natasya Melinda Puspita, a student of the 2023 Government Science Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Brawijaya University (UB) succeeded in winning the Best Speech title at the Miss Jawa Timur 2023 event some time ago.

Since high school, Natasya has been involved in various activities in the world of pageant, two of them are being a School Ambassador and Putri Berbakat. Her interest in the world of pageantry encouraged her to continue developing herself until she became the top ten of Putra-Putri Batik Blitar City in 2023.

“When I was unemployed six months after being accepted into UB on the SNBP route, I took advantage of it to take part in Blitar Youth Festival forum which provides a place for Blitar youth to develop, express their ideas and creativity, so there I took a modeling class until I finally took part in the Miss East Java 2023 event,” said Natasya when telling about her journey in the world of pageants, Monday (18/03/2024).

At the Miss East Java 2023 event, Natasya chose to raise the important issue of waste in Indonesia. Natasya initiated an innovative program called “LimBat” which uses waste to make batik printing equipment.

The “LimBat” program not only addresses the waste problem in Indonesia, but also supports the attraction of tourism and local Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

With the implementation of extraordinary ideas, and supported by persuasive speech skills, Natasya won the title of Best Speech at the event.

In her inspiring journey to get the title of Best Speech Miss East Java 2023, Natasya did everything herself. However, she met other participants who supported him.

Alhamdulillah, I always meet good people, when I was on the train there were other children and parents who helped me get ready.There I also met friends from Miss East Java contestants from Surabaya who even offered me to stay at her place,” she said.

Natasya said that her main source of motivation was her parents and grandmother.

“Seeing my parents’ serious sacrifices to raise me from the young age makes me feel challenged to show all my efforts. So for FISIP friends, I hope you can make your parents smile with relief and pride.” she said.

Furthermore, Natasya said that one important part of life is avoiding people who underrate us. She said that everyone can start from small things.

Natasya’s victory not only reflects her love and dedication in participating in pageants event, but also brings a spirit of innovation and voicing important issues in society.

The title of Best Speech of Miss East Java 2023 is a proof of Natasya Melinda Puspita’s critical and innovative speaking and thinking skills. Her victory brought hope and inspiration to the younger generation to continue to have the courage to speak and act for the better progress of the nation. (FISIP PR/OKY /UB PR/ Trans. Iir)