Adolescent Girls Under the Proverty Line in Madrasah Aliyah or Islamic Boarding School are Vulnerable to Sexual Violence

The 2023 National Santri Day Workshop and launch of the book Guide to Prevent Sexual Violence in Madrasah Aliyah and Islamic Boarding Schools

Umu Hilmy, S.H., M.H from the Woman Crisis Center (WCC) Dian Mutiara said that girls below the poverty line who continue their education at MA and Islamic boarding schools are more vulnerable to becoming victims of sexual violence because of their dependence on continuing their education on MA and Islamic boarding schools. So, joint efforts are needed with collaboration and many parties to prevent sexual violence.

This was conveyed by her at the 2023 National Santri Day Workshop with the theme “Strengthening Legal Education to Prevent Sexual Violence in Madrasah Aliyah and Islamic Boarding Schools in Malang City”, Saturday (14/10/2023). The workshop continued with the launch of the book Guide to Preventing Sexual Violence in Madrasah Aliyah and Islamic boarding schools written by FH UB Community Service team and LPBH NU paralegals in Malang City.

The second material was presented by Imam Sukadi, S.H., M.H. as Coordinator of NU LPBH Counseling Division, regarding the high rate of sexual violence, and the large number of victims who choose to remain silent. According to him, there must be a better handling mechanism by providing a confiding service with a guarantee of the victim’s privacy with the aim of making every student or santri more open.

This event was initiated by the Community Service Team of the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University, consisting of Dr. Fachrizal Afandi, Ladito Risang Bagaskoro and M Syafrizal Bashori in collaboration with Nahdlatul Ulama Legal Aid and Counseling Institute (LPBH NU) Malang City and the Criminal Justice System Research Center of Brawijaya University (PERSADA UB) held the activity

Head of the service team, Dr. Fachrizal Afandi, S.H., S.Psi., M.H, said that this workshop was one of the outcomes of service grant activities funded by the Faculty of Law, Brawijaya University. In addition, this activity was also intended to launch a manual (Module) for preventing sexual violence for the teachers and students of Madrasah Aliyah and Islamic Boarding Schools. This activity is also intended to ground Law Number 12 of 2022 concerning Criminal Acts of Sexual Violence and Regulation of the Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia Number 73 of 2022 concerning Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence in Education Units at the Ministry of Religion.

This workshop was attended by dozens of representatives of Islamic schools and Islamic boarding schools in Malang City. Present as speakers were Imam Sukadi from LPBHNU Malang City, Ummu Hilmy from WCC Dian Mutiara and Ladito Risang Bagaskoro, FH UB academic, member of the service team.

In his remarks, Chairman of the Malang City Nahdlatul Ulama Branch Management (PCNU), Dr. KH. Isroqunnajah, M.Ag. welcomed and appreciated the activities of FH UB Community Service Team and emphasized the need for mechanisms to prevent sexual violence in madrasas and Islamic boarding schools, especially in Malang City amidst the outbreak of several cases of sexual violence in religious education environments.

Next, material from Ladito Risang Bagaskoro, S.H., M.H. as an academic at the Faculty of Law, University of Brawijaya regarding forms of sexual violence and handling sexual violence, this can start with the recovery of the victim with perspective and respect for the victim’s decision, and using the BANTU strategy (B) dare to reprimand the perpetrator, (A) divert attention, (N)invite other people to help, (T)wait for the situation to subside, (U)keep a record of the incident.[tim/sitirahma/ UB PR? Trans. Iir]