Alumni Ngalup Ngalam, IKA FT Held National Meeting, Helathy Walk and Social Service

Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (IKA FTUB) held “Alumni Ngalup Ngalam” for two days, Saturday-Sunday (11/11-12/11/2023). In addition to alumni meeting, a series of other events include IKA FTUB National Conference, joint health walks and greening social services as well as providing scholarships for the sons and daughters of FTUB eduional staff.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University, Prof. Ir Hadi Suyono ST MT PhD IPU ASEAN Eng said that alumni play a role in providing real input and programs for campus progress. On the other hand, alumni have the potential to build a “good name” (image) of their university outside campus, as well as being a real form of community service.

Ketua IKA FTUB lama dan baru (tengah), didampingi Ketua Panitia dan Dekan FTUB.

“Alumni as campus products can become important relations in expanding networks between campuses and/or students with institutions outside campus. Of course, the hoped is that alumni can become a source of information about the world of work and business for new graduates. “Besides being an inspiration for students at FTUB,” exclaimed Prof Hadi

On the other hand, fellow alumni can build networks and strengthen collaboration. This role is carried out by the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (IKA FTUB) to support FTUB’s vision of becoming an Innovative, Collaborative and Internationally Competitive Engineering Faculty.

“Alumni are one of the intangible assets owned by the campus. “It would be a big mistake if alumni were not partnered and embraced to play a role and contribute to advancing an innovative, collaborative and globally competitive campus,” he said.

Prof. Hadi encouraged alumni who have careers outside campus to lead the Alumni Association. On several occasions, Prof. Hadi together with the Dean’s staff and Department Heads at FTUB conducted road shows, as well as explaining FTUB’s programs and achievements to meet alumni.

In response, the Chair of IKA FTUB for the 2019-2023 period, Ali Mundakir, consolidated and carried out Prof Hadi’s mandate. The event packaging is made attractive while still prioritizing the role of all components. The event is not just a reunion, but a meeting as well as an opportunity to elect the Chair of IKA FTUB for the 2023-2027 period.

“In order to optimize the benefits of alumni arrivals, alumni sessions were held to share experiences with their respective departments. “Then there is a healthy walk, social action in the form of reforestation and providing educational funds for the sons and daughters of educational staff,” explained Ali Mundakir, accompanied by the Chair of the Committee, Ari Wijaya.

In IKA FTUB National Conference, the committee collected candidate proposals from 8 (eight) Departmental Alumni Associations. These include Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Water Engineering, Architecture, Regional & City Planning, Industrial Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.

“The committee received three names of alumni candidates for chairman. “Prioritizing the practice of the nation’s noble culture, deliberations were held to reach consensus as administrators of IKA FTUB 2023-2027,” he added.

The following are the 2023-2027 IKA FTUB Core Management, including the General Chair: Ir Iwan Suprijanto ST MT FIDSK. Sam Iwan is 1990 Architecture alumnus. Currently serves as Director General of Housing, Ministry of PUPR; The General Secretary is Supriadinata Marza ST MT. Sam Supriadinata Marza or familiarly called Sam Rio is 1995 Mechanical Engineering alumnus. Currently serves as Director of Operations & HSSE PT. Geo Dipa Energy (Persero); The General Treasurer is Ir Andira Reoputra ST Dipl. MAURP IPU. He is an alumnus of Regional & City Planning (PWK) 2004. Currently serves as Main Director of PD Pembangunan Sarana Jaya.

The elected Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are then given the opportunity to work for 20 days. To complete an organizational structure that is adaptive to campus and industrial developments.

Chairman of IKA FTUB for the 2023-2027 period, Ir Iwan Suprijanto ST MT FIDSK, said that his party is carrying out the program ‘Successful Alumni, Successful Alma Mater.’ According to him, as an Alumni Association, it is necessary to identify all potential and collaborate with alumni and campus needs.

“For example, related to the educational curriculum, it can be through internship programs, public lectures with NIDK lecturers, research with patents as well as downstream, social service and so on,” said Iwan.

The Director General of Housing at the PUPR Ministry said that currently the most massive absorption is still dominated by Water Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and other departments which are relatively spread out. And to gather all alumni in one forum, requires several stages and a long time.

“The meeting will be communicated to the campus, this could be through routine discussions, public lectures, and others. “Because currently there are only around 200 active alumni, there are many efforts to collect more, so that alumni can take more roles,” he said. [drn/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir]