FISIP Alumni Gathering, Nostalgia to Strengthen Network

FISIP Alumni Gathering was successfully held on Tuesday (7/6/2022). Alumni of various batches came from 2005 to 2015. Laughter was served interspersed with various events ranging from alumni sharing to door prize distribution.

Not only alumni sharing, this gathering also presents the historical journey of the first dean of FISIP Prof. Dr. Ir Darsono Wisadirana MS and the first Vice Dean of Student Affairs of FISIP, Akhmad Muwafik Saleh S.Sos., M.Sc.

The gathering was closed with the distribution of door prizes which strengthened the relationship between alumni. Vice Dean III of FISIP UB, Dr. Bambang Dwi Prasetyo, said that alumni gathering is an activity that tries to consolidate, coordinate and integrate various alumni elements spread across Indonesia.

“We invite them, we give them a tour to the campus. Those who came to the gathering were also from various regions, from Jakarta, Yogyakarta to Surabaya,” he said.

Alumni sharing which is one of the events at the alumni gathering. (Photo: FISIP Public Relations)

Dr. Bambang Dwi Prasetyo explained that one of the activities at the alumni gathering is sharing activities which are also able to provide suggestions and input as well as institutional development.

“This alumni is one of the sections that focus on student affairs. Alumni are an important part that must continue to be consolidated,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Mahesa, a representative of FISIP alumni, said that she was amazed by the current condition of FISIP.

“I was in the 2007 batch, still studying at the Joint Lecture Building. Now the building is good. Alumni are certainly happy to see this development, “he explained.

The man, who currently works as a film director, suggested that alumni give the knowledge they currently acquire to students. Because FISIP alumni are now scattered in various jobs.

“Of course alumni don’t only come to events like this (gathering) but also other things, such as being able to contribute knowledge to students,” he continued. (Humas FISIP/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).