AIRings, Air Purifier Innovation with Ozone Technology, Achieves the 2nd Place at PLN ICE

Increasing awareness of the need for clean air becomes an inspiration for a group of Universitas Brawijaya students. This group makes an air purifier equipped with a virus killer, called AIRings, a sterilizer tool that can be used in closed places and public transportation. This tool can help reducing the spread of the Covid-19 virus in a closed room, by being attenuated while still in the air.

Ihza Aulia Rahman, Abdul Mudjib Sulaiman, Charis Maulana, and Shafina Rifdhayanti Zein, who were guided by Eka Maulana, S.T., M.T from the Faculty of Engineering, combine the air filtration technology with UV light and ozone to produce clean and virus-free air. “The focus of making this tool was initially for use in schools. Because face-to-face learning activities have started, and there are still concerns of parents that students will be infected with Covid-19, AIRings can reduce the spread of the virus, “explained Ihza.

AIRings is a combination of HEPA filters which are used as air purifiers in aircraft cabins. In addition to HEPA filter, this tool also uses UV-C lamp that can kill viruses.

“AIRings are also equipped with a device that can break down oxygen into ozone. The use of ozone can destroy viruses and cause damage to DNA and RNA. As if we wash our hands, because soap is oxidative, if it is done properly, using soap can break down the protein coat of the virus, so the virus will also die,” said Mudjib.

The administration of ozone in the form of mist, with high-voltage plasma method can reduce virus activity. Even though, added Mudjib, the use of ozone must be monitored. “This tool is equipped with sensors that will detect if the ozone that comes out exceeds the safe standards. Because if it exceeds the limit, it will cause health problems for its users,” said the student of Electrical Department.

The combination of ozone plasma and UV-C light in AIRings is able to break down RNA and DNA. “One of the recommendations from the Ministry of Health at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic was to regularly sunbathe, since UV rays can help reduce the virus,” added Mudjib.

Commercially, AIRings are priced below the selling price of similar tool. AIRings selling price ranges from 2 to 3 million rupiah per unit. Cheaper than similar tools on the market. This tool is able to suck air with a range of 14 meters each to the right and to the left, without the need to count the number of people in the room.

The working process is the same as the air purifier in general, this tool can directly release ozone. In addition to being used in schools, AIRings can also be used in residential and buses. The difference is that the AIRings used on buses are smaller.

AIRings utilizes the use of the Internet of Things which can be controlled remotely, with no usage limits. The availability of IoT features makes this tool easier for users to get clean and healthy air.

This innovation won the title of Second Place for PLN ICE, a series of activities in the context of National Electricity Day. In this event, the AIRings team succeeded in obtaining funding to complete research and the final stage of testing, after competing with 400 inventor teams throughout Indonesia. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)