Ahmad Sadat: Capital is not the Main Thing for Entrepreneur

President Director of Asiavesta Strategic Investment, Ahmad Sadat, M.BA

Access to capital is not the most important thing for an entrepreneur, but a mindset. With the right mindset, it will encourage someone to want to continue learning so that they can become qualified human resources, dare to execute business ideas, never give up easily, and are willing to learn from failure. If this mindset is already owned by entrepreneurs, then access to capital will be easily obtained.

This was conveyed by the President Director of Asiavesta Strategic Investment Ahmad Sadat, M.BA at the 2022 National Level Entrepreneurship Education and Training event. The event organized by Universitas Brawijaya Alumni Association (IKA UB) in collaboration with UB’s Directorate of Student Affairs was held online for two days, Thursday- Friday (09/04/2022).

Ahmad Sadat added, there are five stages of entrepreneurs. The first level: Bootstraps, is the initial stage for entrepreneurs to execute ideas with not too large capital. The second level is Stable, usually the business has been running for 5-10 years with stable cashflow.

“Many entrepreneurs stop at level two because they feel they have had enough. Or even open another business, but the level is the same as SMEs. The weakness of this level is that the age of the business depends on the age of the owner. If it does not have a successor, the business will no longer run. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not stop at this level, their class must be improved so that the business they run continues and develops, “explained this alumni of Business Administration FIA UB.

He continued, at the third level (initial corporation) and level four (large corporation), the business will run longer than the owner’s life because a professional organizational structure has been formed. But the most important, entrepreneurs are expected to reach level five, namely the Multinational level.

“Multinational level companies, such as Indofood, are still very rare in Indonesia. A country can be said to be developed since they have many companies at this level. This not only creates jobs but also generates large foreign exchange for a country,” he explained.

Secretary General of IKA UB, Arief Subekti

This activity was started by a Keynote Speech delivered by the Secretary General of IKA UB, Arief Subekti. He said, based on the Entrepreneurship Index data, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia compared to the population is still very small, namely 3.1 percent.

“This is a challenge for this nation. Entrepreneurial skills can be build and trained. Everything has stages. What needs to be emphasized is patience, mental strength, and focus. Hopefully, this activity can support the growth of entrepreneurship for UB students and all students in Indonesia,” said Arief.

When opening the event, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship, Prof. Dr. Drs. Abdul Hakim, M.Si hopes that through this National Entrepreneurship training activity, it can form high entrepreneurial motivation among students so that they can contribute to the nation development in the future.

This activity was attended by 750 UB students and the general public. Besides Ahmad Sadat, several speakers who were present also provided material, motivation, and experience in developing a business. They are the Owner of Rira Clothing Convection and Little Bee Boutique Rizki Rahmadianti, Founder of Baraka Coffee House, Johan Iswara Radhitama, Founder and President of Chickin, Ashab Alkahfi, and the winner of Independent Entrepreneur with Biogas Dispenser Product, Yogha Pranata Atmaja. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]