UB Aerokreasi Wins 1st Runner Up in Indonesian Flying Robot Contest 2020

The National Achievement Center held the 2020 Indonesian Flying Robot Contest (KRTI) as a forum for students to innovate and be creative in the field of flying robots.

This year, KRTI 2020 has the theme of Towards the Independence of Unmanned Flying Vehicle Technology. In collaboration with the University of Lampung this year KRTI was held online.

Based on the Decree of the Head of the National Achievement Center dated November 1, 2020, the Faculty of Engineering UB Aerocreation Team managed to get the 1st runner up in the Racing Plane Division.

The FT UB Aerocreation Team itself consists of M. Abdurrochman as a team leader as well as electric, M. Rafly Endria as a manufacturer, and Julius Ronaldo Bethanov as a pilot who is also electric. Under the guidance of Dr. Eng. Moch. Agus Choiron, ST. MT., together they competed on 23-31 October 2020.

In detail, Abdur, representing the team, explained that in terms of design, the aircraft had a 1.3m wingspan, 1.1m body length, 1.5kg empty weight, and 2.2kg takeoff weight.

Furthermore, in terms of electricity; a 1600KV motor, 5200mah 22.2V lipo battery, 100A esc. Meanwhile, in terms of manufacturing, the fuselage is made from depron, composite layer fiber plus carbon, fiber composite layer foam wing plus carbon.

“Due to Covid-19, the competition regulations are a little different. If in previous years the track had a length of 700 m, now it changed into the 8 shaped track. So, the plane has 3 minutes to fly to form the number 8 as much as possible in full auto mode. Then manual landing within 1 minute,” said this Mechanical Engineering student.

The competition itself was held in the Raci Pasuruan area. Abdur said that there was a little difficulty in preparing the place for the competition and the necessary needs because the committee asked the participants to prepare independently.

Abdur hopes that in the future the research on the race fleets can be further improved so that later the Aerokreasi Team can win first place in KRTI 2021.

“The next target of the Aerokreasi Team is to get a podium in the Racing Plane, Fixed Wing, and Technology Development categories at the upcoming KRTI 2021,” Abdur hoped. (mic)