58 Participants Participate in the Selection of UB Achieved Educators and Educational Staff 2022

A total of 58 participants, from Sunday to Saturday (12-18/6/2022) participated in the Selection of UB Achieved Educators and Educational Staff 2022. The activity which took place in the Joint Service Building of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) was organized by the Institute for Educational Development (LPP UB) through the Center of Education Management Development.

Prof. Dr. Ir. Hartuti MP., IPU., ASEAN Eng.

Met by PRASETYA, Prof. Dr. Ir. Hartuti MP., IPU., ASEAN Eng., the Chairperson of the event explained that this activity had actually been held routinely by the Ministry for a long time. However, during the pandemic (COVID) until now there has been no notification of holding it or not, however, Universitas Brawijaya continues to hold this activity as a form of motivation and appreciation for the performance of achieved lecturers and educational staff.

Hartuti explained that there are 8 categories in the selection which are participated by all work units, especially faculties, plus vocational and UB Kediri. 8 categories, namely Achieved Science and Technology Lecturers, Achieved Social and Humanities Lecturers, Achieved Head of Study Programs, Achieved Librarians, Achieved Laboratory Assistants, Achieved Financial Managers, Achieved Academic Administration and Achieved Archives.

“But, specifically for the Head of Study Programs, the Ministry actually does not carry out in that category, but UB still carries out the selection for the Achieved Head of Study Programs, since the current Head of Study Programs has a very heavy task, especially in international accreditation so that the Rector continues to carry out motivation and appreciation for their performance, but later the winners will not be sent to Jakarta,” said Hartuti.

“There are Academic Leaders. It’s not as the head of study program or head of department, but an extraordinary lecturer, maybe the lecturer is in office, the lecturer has good publications, the national and international cooperation is good, that is the Academic Leader. And specifically for Academic Leaders, the Rector will decide to be included at the ministerial level,” he added.

Hartuti also explained that there were several obstacles that resulted in fewer participants in the selection this year compared to the previous year which reached 80 participants. There are for example, for the selection of Achieved Laboratories, where the requirements requested by the participating ministries are permanent PLP, PNS and Non-PNS with the Rector’s Decree who has functional duties as PLP, but because the number of laboratories even more than 100 in UB, many laboratory assistants do not meet the requirements since the status is not fixed.

“Similarly with archivists, some of our librarians have an undergraduate education, they are librarians, some have master’s degrees as librarians but they are non-civil servants and after 4 years, they should be permanent employees, but they have not become permanent employees,” she added.

In addition to these things, the requirement that this educational staff occupies a minimum of 3 years in the last position followed in his category, while in UB sometimes the mutation has not been for 3 years, so they has not fulfilled the position occupied at this time which is at least 3 years, resulting in not all existing categories can be followed.

Hartuti added, from this activity of the university-level winners who will be sent to Jakarta and enter the top 3 selection and will receive assistance from LPP starting from training, preparation, PPT preparation to managing performance until the selection in Jakarta.

“We are equipped and we are looking for supervisor, usually lecturers or students who have become national champions, whether from UB if there are any, or we bring in from other universities that have won championships,”.

Hartuti hopes that later from the results of the selection of educators and education personnel who excel or who excel, if there is a need for follow-up, later there will be recommendations from LPP to the Rector to pay attention to educators and staff who have the potential but cannot be sent to Jakarta, they should be given opportunity to attend training, so that later they can get PLP, get functional positions and meet the requirements in all categories.

“Perhaps we will cooperate with the Directorate of Human Resources Development to hold training, both of archivist training, financial management training, and so on. To provide them with provisions to go to achieved lecturers or achievers for the following year, “she concluded.


(ronny/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)