51.1 Percent of  SNBT UB Registrants are Dominated by East Java

14/8/2023. PKKMB – Raja Brawijaya 2023. Doc.Humas/rs

The largest number of SNBT registrants is still dominated by residents of East Java at 51.1 percent, followed by West Java at 11.5 percent, DKI Jakarta at 5.8 percent, Central Java at 7.7 percent, and North Sumatra at 4.6 percent.

“Reviewed from the distribution of the provinces accepted, it is still dominated by East Java because people will automatically choose a university location that is closer to where they live,” said Deputy Chancellor I for Academic Affairs, Prof. Imam Santoso.

The former Dean of FTP added, from the 78,802 SNBT registrants, the quota provided by UB was 5587.

“This year’s registrants are the largest so far because each person can use their right to vote for a maximum of 4 study programs in accordance with the objectives of their respective universities,” he said.

From the number of applicants above, it was found that the study programs that had the most interest, namely from science and technology, were medicine (3,005), Informatics Engineering (2,422), Information Systems (1,624), and Pharmacy (1,556).

“For the social and humanities study program, the most interest are

“Law science (3,255), Business Administration (2967), Management (2,480), and psychology (2418),” he said.

Even though the above study programs are ranked at the top, for the level of rigor turns out that the Pharmaceutical Science and Technology sector occupies the top position with a stringency level of 2.87 percent, followed by Medicine with a stringency level of 3.09 percent, and Informatics Engineering with a stringency level of 3.3 percent. Meanwhile, the field of Social and Human Psychology is in first place with a level of strictness of 3.8 percent, second is Entrepreneurship at 4.05 percent, and Management at 4.48 percent.

“Why are the study programs above the most stringent? because even though interest is not high, the quota provided is very small. For example, there are 1,566 people interested in Pharmacy, but the capacity provided is only 45. Likewise, Psychology, which has a total of 2,418 applicants, turns out the quota provided is only 92,” he said.

Meanwhile, for the Diploma program, the most interest was from Business Administration at 6,371, followed by Information Technology at 4,321 and Finance and Banking as many as 3876.

The former Dean of FTP hopes that all accepted SNBT participants can re-register because they have gone through a very high level of selection.

“And if you have re-registered you cannot register on the independent route,” he said. (OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir).