5 UB Contingents are ready to Compete in the Indonesian Robot Contest

Release of KRI UB Team

Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim, M.Si. releases 5 contingents who will represent UB in the Indonesian Robot Contest (KRI) at the National level. KRI will be held offline at the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS) this year on 29 June -3 July 2022.

The release was held on Tuesday (28/06/2022, at the 8th floor of the Rectorate Building, which was attended by representatives of the contingent, Vice Dean 3 of the Faculty of Engineering, Vice Dean 3 of the Faculty of Computer Science and Advisory Lecturer.

The UB contingent team that passed in the National KRI, previously had passed the Regional KRI competition which was divided into 2 Regions, namely eastern Indonesia and western Indonesia, which was held online.

It is known in the National KRI, the team that passes is the selected team from the Regional KRI selection. For example, the KRAI (Indonesian ABU Robot Contest) and KRTMI (Indonesian Thematic Robot Contest) divisions will only take 12 teams from their respective regional representatives so that later there will be 24 teams that will compete in the National KRI.

Then for other divisions such as the KRSTI (Indonesian Dance Robot Contest) division, only 15 teams, KRSBI (Indonesian Football Robot Contest) with 22 wheels, KRSBI Humanoid 12 teams qualifying for the 2022 National KRI. The teams that qualify for the National KRI are the best teams from Universities in Indonesia to compete for the title of Champion later.

According to the Vice Dean III, Dr.Eng. Ir. Herry Santosa, S.T., M.T., IPM. UB’s contingent of the Faculty of Engineering will undergo a Running Test on Friday, July 1, 2022 at Graha Sepuluh November. Furthermore, on Saturday, July 2, 2022, it will be followed by the performance of each contingent of KRI participants at the National level. The selection of the last 16 will be announced on Sunday, July 3, 2022 and will proceed to the final stage.

“The UB contingent which is the representative in the National KRI event consists of 5 divisions. 4 from FT and 1 Filkom. In this event, we ask for prayers and support from all parties. It takes the cohesiveness of each member of the delegation to be maintained. So that it can bring an achievement,” said the Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Engineering in his contingent release remarks.

Meanwhile, UB contingent has conducted research on the preparation of the 2022 National KRI since 1 year ago. But to suit the role of the match, they prepare 1 month before the match.

Previously, the 2021 National KRI event was held at Gajah Mada University which was carried out fully online. Thus, this year’s National KRI is the first national competition event to be held offline after the pandemic.

KRI itself is an annual student competition activity in the field of robotics design and engineering organized by the National Achievement Center, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology.

KRI can be followed by all students at universities in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. [aura/siti-rahma/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]